precisely meaning therefore the novels are just

precisely apparent in nausea the stranger and the fall. the protagonists of the selected novels use simple dialogue in the beginning and does not jump on to the idea to find meaning and purpose in their life. both the writers present the protagonist in the light of a very simple day to day life or situation which can easily be understood by people and can relate to it as no such transcendence happens neither were readers confused by the emotions sentiments or reflections of the protagonist nor the objectives were set or the intentions discussed. suddenly the abrupt change or realisation of the protagonist projects the concept of absurd of camus as in the stranger camus wanted the readers to come to the conclusion about the absurd existence of man in the novel. sartre states beautify about camus world of absurd in the stranger as the stranger a work detached from a life unjustified and unjustifiable.and that is how we must accept it as a brief communion between two.

the author and the reader beyond reason in the realm of the absurd sartre 1962: 112 camus style in his novels represents the idea of glass wall which helps to separate the character and the reader. though the wall is transparent and the characteristics of the characters are projected clearly but it does not reach to the meaning of the actions. in other words glass wall is considered to be the mind of the protagonist which is clear to its thoughts but not to the meaning therefore the novels are just the chronological order of events which does not entail any significance or meaning to the actions or the events. sartre states that the events are just linked in time in a chronological order.

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sartre 118 as the events given by the protagonist in the novel be it nausea where protagonist keeps a diary or the stranger where protagonist is recalling the events from the cell or the prison have no meaning but the events are chronologically set. even camus tries to project the reality of absurd in an individuals life and in the universe through the idea of glass wall. in the stranger the protagonist represents how the individual deals with the absurd life in daily routine. meursault stops hoping and accepts the life with honesty at the end of the novel where he desires to live life all over again camus 1989: 154 he accepts the reality of the absurd world and the inevitability of death he hopes for no different outcome from his life. he tries to be happy and content to his life because at the end he realizes that there can be no change in the inevitable truth i.

e. death. he states in the novel that all alike would be condemned to die one day 152 therefore he remains at distance with people and also indifferent towards the emotions and sentiments which the society fails to understand and trials him onthat basis. he throughout the novel just narrates his life events without any emotions or sentiments and adele king states thatmeursault defends the life he has led a life with no transcendent value adele 47 he at last accepts all the absurdities of life and the inevitable truth of living and therefore he finds peace in what all will come in future. meursaults way of living a life is rare and a bit different from many because like many other people he does not strive for the economic or social ambitions which makes a man assume to better himself and signify a meaningful existence. in the end when he reconciles with himself his moral and beliefs comes in light that the life for him is not worth living and the dying is inevitable therefore he claims that i was sure of myself sure about everything far surer than he; sure of my present life and of the death that was coming camus 1989: 151 sartre rightly claims for meursault that he exists; we dont understand or judge him. he lives and thats all sartre 1962: 114 the stranger contains a lot of symbolism from camus myth of sisyphus.

 the mythical character sisyphus punishment of endless futile work of rolling up the rock to the mountain and its tossing back to the ground is compared with the days of meursault in prison. he confesses that all his days in prisonare same since day one. sisyphus punishment and his futile work is meursaults life in general. the low life of an individual and his existence in world is followed with the unsympathetic universe. with the help of meursault camus tries to project that an individual inthis universe tries to find and search for purpose and meaning to find truth peace and happiness in his life.

meursault is seen as an enemy to the society because of his rebellion attitude and the universe is also seem to be against him but still he tries to attain the harmony between him and the universe as he accepts his daily routine values the things he lost in prison and accepted death as well. he found his happiness by accepting the absurdities of


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