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Robert Gray explores these concepts through the use of various language forms and features throughout his poems “Networks” and “Journey, The North Coast” which explore the notion of an inner realization from the persona’s self reflection, as well as depicting the importance of a physical journey as a tally towards a discovery of both natural beauty and mental reflection. The film by Sean Penn “Into the Wild” (2007) conveys similar paralleled understandings and notions presented by the poems of Robert Gray.The poem “Networks” reflects on the experience of an individual’s initial discovery and deals with perceptions of inhumane treatment of animals that are butchered for human consumption. The persona explores the harsh realities of living in the regional area “The only work was at this works”, the syntactical repetition highlighting the characters desperate need for employment. However the disgusting and visceral imagery utilized throughout the text “sticky stench of blood”, compounded by the sibilance describes the inherent inhumanity of the true nature of the slaughterhouse.

The personification in “frail green money’, conveying the inadequacy of money as return for labor in such conditions. Those seeking employment, such as the persona, are desperate to be employed, thus, they often have no other choice but to work and go through a dehumidifying experience such as the experience expressed in the poem. Moreover, the author, Robert Gray utilizes “them”, the technique of the third errors pronoun to explore this notion of inner discovery.This use of third person pronoun intentionally separates the persona away from his co- workers, evoking the persona’s negative emotion towards others that had developed from his experience. The use of these techniques leads to the persona’s renewed perception of himself and surroundings, realizing his moral and ethical boundaries. Robert Gray thoroughly explores the concepts of a personal understanding in his poem “Journey, to the North Coast” and describes the physical discovery that prompts older happier memories of the new but already seen world of he “North Coast”.

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Clambering at sea” depicts a symbol of freedom, due to the sea being a wide and open space. As journeys can be a form of renewal and an individual’s liberation, the symbolism creates a sense of physical discovery. When the persona opens the window to view the outside world, he has discovered a location that evokes a positive feel symbolized by the “sunlight rotating off the ‘drab ‘carpet”.The caesura pause after ‘carpet’ suggests that the nature’s world is bright in contrast to the manmade world and emphasizes the feel inning of the persona preferring outside over the city. The onomatopoeia of “booms and cracks” manifests a sense of a continuing motion, visualizing an image of a moving train. Along with the verb ‘tears’ from ‘it tears the wind apart’, this captures the he persona’s inner emotions Of excitement and celebration.

In a similar fashion, the film “into the wild” portrays the concept of a renewed understanding of oneself, throughout an individual’s journey to seek truth outside of materialism. The protagonist Chris Mishandles pursued his own happiness for two years, only experiencing glimpse of it along the way, but never discovered it until his death. Similar to Robert Grays “Journey, the north coast’, Chris appreciates the natural landscape and despises living in a modern-lifestyle.During the scene where Chris sets his cash on fire, it is filmed in a low angle shot, depicting Chrism’s feel of power and liberation from restrictions of modern society.

In conclusion, whether the consequence is positive or negative, these discoveries give out new understanding and perceptions of oneself and others. Text such as “Networks” and “Journey, the north coast” by Robert Gray and “Into the wild” by directed by Sean Penn although in different formats, effectively display a type of a renewed understanding.

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