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Balancing speed and quality is crucial for successful modernization. A tool- based approach that automates modernization, covers complete business logic, and ensures alignment with target architecture while addressing halogens like limited system knowledge or documentation can help manage this dual focus and ensure risk-free modernization from legacy technologies like Overbuild, which supports up to Of public sector systems, to Java or .

NET.Public Services Informs Solution for Accelerated, Risk-Free Modernization Informs Power Builder Modernizer tool Informs proprietary user interface plug Supported by Informs’ proven IT enables public sector organizations to and play wrapper architecture supports modernization services and center automate and accelerate modernization the migration of both business logic and f excellence, Informs Power Builder of their Overbuild applications to user interface into the target architecture, Modernizer tool offers an end-to-end Java or .NET with zero risk. Ensuring improved maintainability, modernization solution for public scalability, usability, and performance at sector organizations. Power Builder Modernizer tool’s Smart Algorithm Converter combined with reduced costs and efforts. Informs Power Builder Modernizer Samaritan Igloo Orr ITT h IT do tat o n S e Irvin e Applications, frameworks, and modernization center of excellence External Document 0 2015 Informs Public Services, Inc. Vertex Co Exhaustive library list for 100% conversion of legacy code and business rules to target architecture rater vertex NV c LU converter to retain program flow, look and feel, and incorporate best-in-class II features Power Builder Files LU features Pagination, Sorting, Parallel loading Prototype Power Builder II . SIR HTML .

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CRU Power Builder app can run in parallel with data integrity Packaging . SURD . SERF Modernizer Tool Spring Controllers Equerry, JSP, JavaScript, CSS Service Servile Existing implementation retained New Java code / components created In-house Framework Business Database Generic eggingValidation Sec rite Caching Rest Java code Data Access Java Web Services DB Functioning of Informs Power Builder Tool Benefits Speed-to Implement Low Risk Maintainability Reduced costs Performance Automation of 100% migration of At least 60% savings Maintainability Index of Scalability through of the modernization business logic; support in efforts and 25+ through alignment web-services process through smart for user interface costs as compared to target architecture integration, dead- algorithm converter; conversion and to traditional and comprehensive code identification tools and frameworks incorporation of best- theorization documentation for and performance to fast-track the rest of in-class features approaches reduced maintenance engineering the process costs Client Testimonial Case Studies Long Term Care Partners Blusterous Bluefishes Plan Modernization of legacy core Modernization of core business administration platform into a applications for product, billing, scalable, user-friendly, web-based enrollment, and member system to ensure delivery of best- maintenance to increase scalability in-class services with increased and adaptability Of applications to employee productivity by up to 20 future requirements, and optimize recent, reduced maintenance costs cost of operations. By up to 25 percent, and enhanced cap ability to support growth. “It was critical to modernize the system to optimize our operations and scale for growth. In Informs Public Services, we had a right partner to help us make a smooth transition to the new and improved system. Informs brought together their deep domain expertise, legacy modernization capabilities, benchmark process and tools to successfully deliver this strategic initiative.

Them Brinier, Director of IT, About Informs Public Services Informs Public Services, a IS. S. Based subsidiary of Informs (NYSE: INFO), is a deader in business consulting, technology solutions, and next-generation services. We partner with public sector organizations to help them stay ahead Of the innovation curve. Our solutions, combined with execution excellence and proven best practices allow clients to renew themselves while also creating new avenues to generate value.

Visit www”. Unpredictability’s. Com to learn more. For more information, contact [email protected] Com we’ve.

Unpredictability’s. Com 0 2015 Informs Public Services, Inc. , Rockville, Maryland, USA. All Rights Reserved.

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