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Recruiters are responsible for delivering what hiring managers want in their candidates. If recruiters are insistently delivering what hiring managers want, and yet the hires aren’t working out, it falls onto the shoulders of the hiring managers; not the recruiters. 7 Requisite Capabilities, Competencies and Challenges) Deciding which three to five factors are the most important is where your judgment and organizational knowledge is key. Only once you know what is critical can you design your data collection process to capture this information.The simplest way to capture this information is to include your three to five factors with standard descriptions on the forms required to process an employee exit. This requires the manager to provide this information in order to complete their responsibilities.

Your three to five factors, once tracked and used to calculate your scores, will start to show you the pattern of retention within your organization. However they will not answer the crucial question of why these patterns exist. This is best done through employee survey questions or effective anonymous exit interviews.This combination of quantitative and qualitative data will provide the information required to develop and track the effectiveness of your retention efforts.

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Voluntary and involuntary ;Due to retirement ;Due to people leaving laterally to other jobs ;Due to people leaving into promoted roles, At different tenure stages such as less than 1 year.

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