POPULATION explain the rapid birth rates than the

 POPULATION STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS PopulationStructure          In my understanding, populationstructure talks about what comprises a population in an area.

For example: thepopulation in SU farm comprises plants, animals, and humans. But the plant,animal, and human population is different.          According to the report of Floreynch,a population has a limiting factor. These limiting factors may be food, water,and other resources. There is a competition within the population for theseresources.

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This will affect the way how people in a population live, thusbringing about the birth rate and death rate ratio. During the report, it ismentioned that birth rates are greater compared to death rates. According to mySoilSci 22 teacher, humans multiply exponentially while Agriculture increasesarithmetically. This would explain the rapid birth rates than the death rates.In some countries like China, – I don’t know if it’s still a practice there –old people are deemed useless and are therefore executed.

But the Philippinesseem to value life more.  Or is it justan illusion? This could be another way of exploiting man’s resources, afterall. PopulationDynamics          From the word “dynamics”, the word”change” instantly comes to my mind. Population dynamics in my own words therefore,is the dynamism of the population meaning, the constant change of a populationin terms of the number of people maybe or the trends present or anything thatchanges the population’s state.          Perhaps my example for this would bethe population’s generation; from the old to the new, so to speak. The changein trends in the population adheres to the people’s behavior due maybe tosocial factors, environmental factors, and so on.POPULATION’S ENERGETIC, BIOMASS, ANDPRODUCTION PopulationEnergetic          Honestly,I don’t understand the phrase at all so I made up that energy distributionpyramid thing about the food web. I’ll talk about the energy distribution.

Figure1 Energy PyramidInthis illustration, it is shown that the primary producers or the autotrophs get100% energy from the sun. According to our past discussions in AnSci 11, theplants store energy using the energy trap concept. The energy trap concept iswhere the plants store energy from the sun where the consumers, particularlythe herbivores, of the producers get the stored energy.          In my understanding, the energy flowin the ecosystem is reliant upon the interaction of the organisms present in acertain area; the producers get 100% energy from the sun, the herbivores willget 10% energy from the producers and so on.          An example of which is Silliman Farm.Silliman Farm’s environment has a number of trophic levels ranging from grassesto the apex predator, the humans, and decomposers. The energy pyramid has amuch similar illustration to the food chain but the energy pyramid shows theenergy percentage being taken.

          The grasses, crops, and any plants inthe SU farm are obviously the producers while grasshoppers, toads/frogs, andother insects are the herbivores or primary consumers. The secondary predatorsare the animals in SU farm that do not eat producers but instead eat otherconsumers like themselves. The apex predators are the humans who are calledomnivores that eat both producers and consumers. Lastly are the decomposers whoeat decomposing organisms.

An addition to carnivores are the scavengers likevultures who eat dead and rotting carcasses. These animals don’t feed onliving. PopulationBiomass          According to Wiktionary, biomass isthe total mass of all living things within a specific area, habitat and etcetera. In my underdstanding, figures and/or tables greatly explain apopulation’s biomass.

They are divided into the population’s specific”contents” as what I would call it because I don’t know the other word.           For example: SU farm. If I was to takethe biomass of the farm’s animal project area, I am expected to segregate thepigs, chickens, cows, and so on by percentage.


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