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Essay title: Pool Boy

Pool Boy was a well written story about a 15 year old boy, Brett Gerson, whose life is changed dramatically. Brett is the main character in this novel. The book Pool Boy is set in a rich part of present day California. Let it be known that the Gerson’s are EXTREMELY rich, not just fairly rich ,extremely rich.

One day Brett’s father was taken away and thrown in jail for insider trading. The Gerson family had to sell almost everything that they own to try and pay back the money to the government that they owed. They were forced to move out of their luxurious home to their great aunt Mary’s house on the “other side of the tracks”, which was the poorer side.

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The house isn’t much, it is filled with dust and dirt balls and the beds aren’t comfortable, but it is somewhere they can live. The struggle begins. Brett is forced to get a job to help pay for the debt, start saving for college and just for spending money. The first job Brett gets is at a fast food restaurant. This is the kind of place that he would have never gone and ate at let alone work.

He is always yelling at the boss and then the boss yelling back. This job does not work out with Brett very well. After quitting his job flipping burgers, he takes a job with Alfie Moore, the old man that used to clean the pool at his old house.

Brett never thought cleaning pools would be this tiring. Worst of all, after a hot summer day of work, Alfie and Brett can’t even take a quick swim in the pool that they just cleaned. At lunch time every day, Alfie would have a new recipe something like “tabbouleh”. He would make Brett try it whether or not he wanted to or didn’t want to. The men became close Brett could talk about his problems mostly with his dad and Alfie wouldn’t judge him, maybe a side comment here or there but not much. Often Alfie would talk about how he left his wife and child and he wishes his daughter would have given him a second chance when she was younger to make up for what he did. While cleaning pools everyday, the men became very close.

One morning when Brett went over to Alfie’s house early one morning, as he did everyday, he found Alfie lying on the ground, the door was locked, Brett threw a rock threw the window to brake the glass to get in. When Brett got over to Alfie, he looked at him and whispered“I can’t move. It’s my heart.” Soon enough the ambulance was there, taking Alfie off to the hospital.

Brett went too. The doctors asked Brett if he knew of any family, the only family member of his that he knew was his daughter, Linda. The hospital contacted her and she was there with in four hours. Once Linda got there she was allowed to see her father and when she came out she was sobbing.

Brett introduced himself to her, she knew who he was right away. Once Linda and her father started talking again, they talked about everything, Brett asked how Alfie was doing she said “not so good, if he makes it to the next day, things will be looking better”. Once Brett heard the news he was sobbing too.

He was not about to hold back his tears. There was no way either of them was leaving the hospital until they heard news about Alfie. The doctors came out and said “ Mrs. Moore I have some bad news. Your father has died” They both could not believe this.

The day after Alfie died Linda started to plan Alfie’s what she would do with the house, his possessions, his money and how they would have the funeral. Brett decided that he would not let Linda do this alone so he helped. When Alfie and Linda were talking Alfie said that he wanted to give his pool van and company to Brett, to help pay for collage, and five.

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