POE social economic, environmental and cultural impacts

POE had a lot of benefits to managing a practice, but also helping
practices manage a project with cost and sustainability. It also addresses the
differences between the design proposals and the finished product, and is key
to understanding the wider social economic, environmental and cultural impacts
of investing in good design

There are many clients who are willing to pay for services
of a POE. Examples are clients who are in the commercial public and voluntary
sectors tend to want to invest in POE as they have an interest in how their
buildings are performing and how they could make it more efficient for future
investments. They are also driven by a long term investment to enhance the
environmental performance of a building, reduce costs of a project and also
increase productivity and wellbeing. POE can also be impressive to future
clients when pitching work to them as it justifies the decision to hire that
practice to carry out the project.

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There are many forms of POE and ways that practices can take
on them, form light touch POE to a more intensive one. Each POE should be
tailored to each project to reflect and measure what is important to the client
and also the project team.


Whilst there are some practices who carry out POE in house,
others hire external consultants or academic collaborators to help them draw in
research expertise. Ideally the whole team will participate in POE to promote
shared learning and responsibility.

POE can evidence the company ethos and brand. By using POE
research, a practice can develop specialisms in their line of work. Sharing
this information can help establish a practices as a leader in the field,
providing a platform to influence future clients in investing in a good service
through the evidence lift by the POE 

Using POE also reduces risks by providing information and
evidence of previous projects as a basis for making decisions that can be
developed by clients in the long term and adjusted to take into account issues
such as climate change


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