Plymouth citation and referencing practice (APA 6th

Plymouth Marjon University Hanoi University of Science and Technology IPRH03English LiteratureWriting assignment 1 Student’s No (HUST): 20156645Student’s No (UMJ): 200676742018-2019 Marking Scheme for Writing Assignment 1IPRHO3 ENGLISH LITERATUREModule code IPRH03 Module title ENGLISH LITERATUREStudent’s No (HUST) Student’s No(UMJ) Assignment task Writing Assignment 1 Date submitted Marker 1 Nguyen Thi Thu HongDate marked Marker 2 Nguyen Thi Hai AnhDate marked Total mark awarded Content knowledge (70 points max)Marking criteria Maximum mark Mark awardedThe work addresses all elements of the tasks set. 20 The work demonstrates the writers’ knowledge and understanding of the topic area. 15 The work shows the writers’ ability to analyze and interpret literary texts critically. 25 The work displays a clear logical argument, with points well -ordered and fully supported.

10 Language skills (30 points max)Marking criteria Maximum mark Mark awardedCoherence: Ability to organise knowledge and articulate arguments effectively. 10 Correct citation and referencing practice (APA 6th edition). 10 Quality of language: broad range of sentence structures and vocabulary used, academic writing style, polish use of English.

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10 Total mark awarded Comments—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– I have experienced a lot of presentations relating to many various topics in previous terms; and after each of them, I have gained a lot of valuable lessons which is not only about presentation skills but also knowledge I have learnt. The module English Literature is a specific example for what that. After the first haft of this module, I have acknowledge a lot of interesting lessons about English literature, classical works, well – known writers,…. Especially, the group presentation has given to me as well as my teammate knowledge, useful information and many other necessary skills.

Our group made a presentation about topic “Jack London – The great American writer and Darwinism” (Nguyen and Nguyen, 2018:5). The topic is about the great writer Jack London, his main literary trend and some dedications of him for the global literary heritage. It was really a great opportunity for us to understand deeply what we have learnt from our teacher as well as to get more information that we have not even known. Before the presentation, we had some weeks to brainstorm and search for background information that we would mention to in our presentation. I personally think the stage is one of the most difficult steps because we had decided the scale of topic and then looked for, read, made notes, analyzed information that we could find relating to topic and subjects.

But I have to agree that this stage is important and it even helps to review some skills like searching information, note – taking, reading and analyzing information. All of them are crucial for not only my learning process but also my future career. After having spent a day to discuss among members in group, we realized that our topic scale is relatively broad therefore the workload for each person is also bigger. After all we decided to divide our presentation into three main parts: Jack London’s biography, Jack London – the great American writer and Jack London and the theme Darwinism for each member Linh Chi, Bac and I – Trang respectively. We decided to make a group chat on Facebook to discuss whenever we got difficulties. We stared to search more detail information about the part that we took responsible for; and if we found any useful information about other parts, we would share on group.

It worked really useful therefore, in a short time; we got almost all of necessary information. But when we started to analyze information to learn, we had a trouble when realizing that workload of part 2 and 3 are much bigger than part 1 and we stared to quarrel to each other. And finally we agreed to ask for teacher’s feedback and advice. After having listening to our intention and explanation about the topic, the teacher advised us to scale down some main points.

She told us to consider mentioning to some representative works and literary mainstreams of Jack London in part 2 to make clear for thesis and choose one work and examples in it to prove for the theme Darwinism. Having received feedback and advice from teacher, we decided to make part 2 smaller by focusing on his literary features and proving through some well – known works and we chose The call of the wind to clarify for the theme Darwinism. In my part, I mentioned to the theme which is presented in The call of the wind but actually, at the time we had not learnt this work. This is the reason why the information that I searched for and presented in class might be completely new to my classmates. I read the novel when I was a little girl but it is such a long time ago so I started to read the work again. Moreover, to find out the theme Darwinism in the novel, I had to read carefully some remarkable sentences to analyze.

Besides, I also had to refer to some writings in Internet about the topic to understand it more detail and exactly. Thank to experience that we had learnt from previous presentation, we got not too much difficulties in making slides and presenting. The module English Literature helped me to enrich a broader knowledge of classical works, literary trends, biographies of notable poems and writers, and this is the reason that I love English and American Literature.

Especially, in our group presentation I took responsible for the theme Darwinism, I found it really interesting and be a link to help readers understand many other works of Jack London. Darwinism is one of basic features of Jack London’s literary style; Jack London is “the best representative” (Nguyen and Nguyen, 2018:34) of literary trend in American that time: Naturalism. The literary style actually can be linked to determinism and social Darwinism. The theme became the mainstream writing style in many works of Jack London such as: The call of the wind, The son of the wolf, The sea wolf… Nguyen and Nguyen (2018:34) suggested that “Naturalism is a writing style that aims at recreating nature in its entirely” and “determinism is a style which expresses that all out comes are the result of an unbroken chain of previous actions” (Nguyen and Nguyen, 2018:34). Darwinism mentions that only “the fittest can survive” (Nguyen and Nguyen, 2018:34).

The themes are portrayed and presented in many works of Jack London and readers can easily have strong sense in them through each of characters, actions, thought and even harsh environments. It has no surprise when Jack London chose “Naturalism” as the main writing style. Nguyen and Nguyen (2018) stated that he had to leave school and do many jobs when he was just 14 years old.

Especially, he was also a vagrant travelling to Klondike to find gold; finally, he got nothing but “inspiration for his most famous novel” (Nguyen and Nguyen, 2018:99). Basing on his own experience, Jack London “wrote with realism about what he saw” (Nguyen and Nguyen, 2018:99). Main characters in his works always are strong, ready to “struggle for survival” (Zhang, 2010:278), “and are determined by his heredity and environment” (Morales, 2014:22). Besides, through characters, Jack London always wanted to emphasize that only “the fittest” (Zhang, 2010:278), (Morales, 2014:30) – who can change themselves to “adapt to the environment” (Morales, 2014:22) sometimes the environment is very harsh, brutal and who can fight for everything to win – will survive. The call of the wind can be considered an outstanding novel which Jack London conveyed the themes through main character – Buck.

One day, Buck suddenly was thrust into new environment to become a sled dog and he had to quickly change himself to adapt to everything to survive. Living in severe nature condition, Buck had to fight to other dog and kill him to survive. Zhang (2010:280) suggested that Buck started to become “wild, stalking and killing prey” and defeat other animals which threatened to his survival.

Besides, Buck quickly changes himself “he watched and learned” (London, 1903:2), for example he lost “the last fastidiousness” (London, 1903:2) to adapt to “new circumstance” (Zhang, 2010:280). Jack London really succeeded in portraying Buck and conveying Darwin’s theory “the big fish eat up the small, the fittest survive” (Zhang, 2010:281). The group presentation is a great opportunity for me to review skills I learnt as well as to acknowledge other necessary skills and useful literary information. I am personal also attracted to the theme Naturalism which is Jack London’s writing style. Many works of him written with the theme are loved by readers over the world and become the classics. Reference lists:Morales, A (2014) American naturalism:mainnaturalistelementsinJackLondon ?s ArcticTales.

Online Available from: chrome-extension://cbnaodkpfinfiipjblikofhlhlcickei/src/pdfviewer/web/viewer.html?file=

pdf accessed 04 November 2018.Zhang, X. (2010) Naturalism Presented in The Call of the Wild.

Online Available from: chrome-extension://cbnaodkpfinfiipjblikofhlhlcickei/src/pdfviewer/web/viewer.html?file=

pdf accessed 04 November 2018.Penlighten Staff. (2018) What Does the Concept of Naturalism Mean in Literature?. Online Available from: accessed 04 November 2018.NGUYEN, H.

and NGUYEN, A. (2018) English Literature. (2nd ed.

) Ha Noi: Ha Noi University of Science and Technology.London , J. (1903) THE CALL OF THE WILD. Online Available from: accessed 02 November 2018.


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