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Plymouth Marjon University Hanoi University of Science and Technology IPRH03English LiteratureWriting assignment 1Student’s No (HUST): 20155115Student’s No (UMJ): 200676602018-2019Marking Scheme for Writing Assignment 1IPRHO3 ENGLISH LITERATUREModule code IPRH03 Module title ENGLISH LITERATUREStudent’s No (HUST) Student’s No(UMJ) Assignment task Writing Assignment 1 Date submitted Marker 1 Nguyen Thi Thu Hong Date marked Marker 2 Nguyen Thi Hai Anh Date marked Total mark awarded 1.

Content knowledge (70 points max)Marking criteria Maximum mark Mark awardedThe work addresses all elements of the tasks set. 20 The work demonstrates the writers’ knowledge and understanding of the topic area. 15 The work shows the writers’ ability to analyze and interpret literary texts critically. 25 The work displays a clear logical argument, with points well -ordered and fully supported. 10 2. Language skills (30 points max)Marking criteria Maximum mark Mark awardedCoherence: Ability to organise knowledge and articulate arguments effectively.

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10 Correct citation and referencing practice (APA 6th edition). 10 Quality of language: broad range of sentence structures and vocabulary used, academic writing style, polish use of English. 10 Total mark awarded Comments—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–I. Reflection on presentation about: Jack London-The great America writer and Darwinism. In this semester, I had a chance to learn the English Literature module.

In addition to vast academic knowledge that the module provides, I personally gained many precious experiences in delivering a presentation and working in a group as well. It can be said that this hand on experience is extremely useful for me in pursuing further works. Hereinafter is my reflection on it.Firstly, I realized that good group working benefits me dramatically.

On the other words, I learnt how to work well with others and to optimize the strength of the group. Luckily, other two members of my group actually are my good friends, hence, we had agreement in content and task allocation. I found that it is the interest, in depth knowledge and research about the topic bringing the success to a presentation. Again, we are fairly fortunate when our group’s topic is about Jack London- a well-known and great writer of the time. Nevertheless, we did not take time effectively for detail discussion and trial pratise together that caused idea shortage and misunderstanding during our presentation and in answering our teacher’s questions.

As our teacher commented that we did not mention an essential idea of Determinism that directly related to my part. It was truly my limitation when I only presented the point that he wrote about the American dreams to prove his great without considering the Determinism. For future presentation, we will definitely we will make use of strength of sharing idea, uniting and revising errors for each other in a collective unity.

Moreover, watching others presentation, I found out that using online animation and background chosen in PowerPoint 2016 software will create aesthetic and easy to look to slides. Overall though, we succeed in transferring our topic to the listener despite of some mistakes that I strongly believe that we can improve in the next time. Secondly, after receiving the feedback on my part, I planned to learn from the mistake to strive my best for the next presentation. This time, I was assigned to take responsibility on the second part which contributes a general and significant understanding about Jack London-the Great American writer. In general, I presented enough main ideas but seriously, I need to continuously develop my Speaking skill, especially in front of many people. Because of nervousness, I forgot what I was about to say and got trouble with my voice.

As a result, I had pauses in slide transition and I lost the attention of the audience. Furthermore, my part lacks connection between throughout content and unclear structure that caused difficulty for listener to follow. For the next presentation, I will practice as much as possible to enhance my speaking and presenting skill in public place.

Over this experience, I was taught a lesson about careful preparation and self- confidence in public speaking. In particular, I was told that I did not use intonation and stress effectively, also, my voice is not clear. From these helpful advises, I remind myself to strictly train and progress my pronunciation. In particular, in addition to developing presentation skills, this experience helps me consolidate literary knowledge. In the past, I knew him by famous novel “The Call of the wild” and now once again, I had a chance to get more exposure to his works that make me admire this genius writer more than ever.

Jack London was one of the most prominent writers in American literature in the early twentieth century, he devoted himself entirely to art with a great volume of works for mankind. The distinguished attraction of his work comes from sincere feelings of an experienced and talented writer. Specifically, at that time when “get quick rich” theme was spreading, unlike others writes, Jack London found his own way to tell us story about strategies and American dreams coming from poverty to wealthy. It was his personal experiences in Klondike Gold Rush that inspired Jack London to express the feeling so naturally and truthfully. For example, in “To build a fire”, the author described the extreme severe nature in order to praise vigor and spiritual strength of people in effortless struggle for the rights to live.

On the other words, in this story, the unnamed guy presented the power of patience and human survival instinct even in the harshest circumstances, he never gave up lighting the fire- the light of the believe. The harsh nature symbolized for the difficulty at that time that are called “rag time” of American. Also, in this context, Jack London achieved the resounding success with “The Call of the Wild” and “White Fang”. These works exemplified for his uniqueness and rich in experience in arts creativity. Besides, throughout his works of literary, the mainstream he focused was the relationship between human and nature and the love of nature.

Basically, Jack London was a presenter of American realism at that time, but in 1904, he marked a significant trace with “the Sea Wolf” that turned Individualism into Naturalism and he soon became the most outstanding representative of this movement. Almost his works were written in the perspective of animals that deeply reflect the life of human and nature as well as his character through environment. Typically, “White Fang” documented the journey of a half dog half wolf to tame and its close look into human world and thereby emphasizes the adjustment and survival of the fittest. That directly related to Darwinism when the natural selection occurs and requires adapting and changing of the strongest. Furthermore, in our presentation, we lacked an essential part about Determinism style in Jack London’s works.

It is truly a great mistake because this is featured style in almost his writing that express the result of chain of previous action and human and animals are the victim of their environment under the sciencetific viewpoint and it is their unchangeable fate. For example, in “White Fang”, Buck originally has natural strength, but it is the cruel of others dog and human that make him become aggressive and isolated. Fortunately, he met Scott who cared and loved him, also turn him into a loving dog.

That seems like a fate and the result is definitely going to happen. In short, this presentation gave me a tremendous chance to challenge and train myself. I learnt many precious experiences preparation and in delivering a presentation as well. In particular, I would like to thank the genius writer for lessons of creativity in working as well as the love of life and nature. II. Reference listNaturalism in Jack Londons “To Build a Fire”.

(2016, Jun 05). Retrieved from London’s “To Build a Fire” -Analysis. (2016, Jun 24). Retrieved from London: The Law of LIfe.

(2016, Apr 07). Retrieved from”To Build a Fire” by Jack London.

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