Plunder Jinggoy but not for Janet” written

Plunder is a criminal case wherein it involves stealing of things from a place such as a city or town especially by force.The article “Bail for Jinggoy but not for Janet” written by Artemio V. Panganiban Jr. is about the plunder case of Janet Napoles and Senator Jinngoy Estrada.It provides the evidences that prove Jinggoy is not guilty but Janet is.It also tackles about the bail for Jinggoy’s plunder case but not for Janet Napoles.The reasons why Janet is guilty was stated in this article.Artemio Villasenor Panganiban Jr. also known as Art was born on December 7,1937 in Manila.He was the son of Artemio Panganiban Sr. and Patricia Villasenor.His family was poor so he work and study hard to get a scholarship.He graduated with”Honorable Mention” at Juan Luna Elementary School in 1950.He spend his high school years at the Victorino Mapa High School.He also finished as the “Honorable Mention”.During college Art was a scholar at University of the Philippines but he failed to enrolled his self due to financial problem. But that can’t stop him to persue his dreams.”The Renaissance Jurist of the 21st century”.Panganiban was the 21st Supreme Court Chief Justice of the Philippines.Panganiban graduated “with Highest Honors” in his degree of Associate in Arts during 1956.He earned a degree of Bachelor of Laws and graduated as Cum Laude at the Far Eastern University.Because of this achivement is his entitled as the “most outstanding student”.He was the 6th placer in the Philippine Bar Examination.Honorary doctorate was given to him during 1997 by the University of Iloilo.Panganiban was the founder  and former president of the National Union of Student.He become the legal consultant of the National Board of Education.He was known for his achivements.Until now his name continue to grow bigger and make noise all around the Philippines.At the present time he was a great writer in the Daily Inquirer.He was a man with respect.       Panganiban’s agreement regarding the”Bail for Jinggoy but not for Janet” is strong because it demonstrates evidences that can prove Jinggoy’s case is bailable and it also tackles the reasons why Janet Napoles is guilty.       The Sandigan bayan special fifth division voted 3-2 for the bail of Jinggoy’s case but the third division of three justices voted 3-0 to denied the bail for Janet.Jinggoy and Janet are both accused of plundering pork barrel funds.Plunder or the Republic Act 7060 of 1991 is a criminal case wherein it involves stealing of things from the government.It is a non bailable offense.The accused person will be punished with reclusion perpetua which means life time in prison.Napoles claimed that the evidences presented by the prosecution against her failed to prove her guilty.But last October 16,2015,the SNB’s third division trashed Napoles claim.Last March 2,2016, the prosecution once more denied Napoles motion fo reconsideration because the evidences presented are clearly and strongly pointing Janet Napoles as the master mind of the plunder case.        Bail for Jinggoy Estrada was the decision of the supreme court.The fifth division granted bail for Senato Jinggoy Estrada.Senator Jinggoy was also accused ofplundering pork barrel funds.The fifth division granted him bail because the prosecution’s evidences against him was weak to prove him guilty.       One of the strong evidences the court can used against Janet Napoles plunder case was the testimony of Benhur Luy.Benhur Luy was the whistle blower  that was now with the custody of the police.According to Benhur Luy statement Janet Napoles and her sibling  Reynaldo Lim illegally put him on detention because the siblings are afraid that Luy might be having double dealing we the police officials.Luy also said that Napoles was not the only one involve with the multibillion pork barrel scam Napoles was with several law makers.After Luy’s revelation about the pork barrel scam the COA’s provided special report that can be a proof that Napoles was guilty without unreasonable douted.The report contains some ghost projects and dubious NGO’s during the President Gloria’s administration.The name of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was linked to Napoles plunder case.The audit report also exposed the conflicts of lawmakers in using thier PDAF or the Priority Development Assistance Funds.President Gloria Arroyo was not the only one government official that linked on Napoles case Senators are named too.But the evidences the court have can be a power proof that Napoles is guilty.Napoles was named to be the master mind of the pork barrel scam.           We all have read an article about the current issues tha.P t the philippines is facing.Especially the issues that the government was involve.Government officilas are noe involve to any illegal activities.To be specific, the issue of corruption.Corruption was the most committed crime by th officials.All of us known what money can make us do things that are against the law.


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