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Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be the outcast? Have you ever taken the time to think about what it is like not to fit in?If you have ever taken just a moment to explore this type of lifestyle you would’ve realized the horrors and pains that the youth of uniqueness face each and everyday.In the book Please Stop Laughing at me… by Jodee Blanco we trail the story, in first person, of a young girl named Jodee.Now Jodee is not what you would call an outcast, she is an average girl, living a normal life and doing what all kids do, have fun.In elementary school Jodee has a passion to help make the special education children’s lives happier so she volunteers and helps out during recesses and breaks.Once her peers start to realize what she does, they question her role in social chain so she stops volunteering with the special education kids and everything is back to normal.

Jodee’s life makes a Jurassic change when she is invited to a party in middle school, and when the events taking place at the party start to get too intense she gets scared and tells on the other kids.This is when Jodee’s normal life takes a turn for the worst.Read Insert on page 61.Jodee’s becomes slowly but surely depressed.She finds ways to stop going to school because of the constant torment.Not only is she being emotionally but physically abused.She can not tell her parents because she knows that they will make her see a psychiatrist.

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One day her mother over hears Jodee praying to god.

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