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You try to explain to your parents why your grades roped significantly, but they don’t believe you so they set up a meeting with your teacher and find out that you were falling asleep in class.

Your parents believed that the reason you were falling asleep in class was because you were staying up late playing videotapes, but in reality you were up late finishing your homework packets which apparently most of your teachers assigned on the same day. Most teachers who assign busy work as homework do not understand that they are the ones who contribute to the lack of sleep of students.There are many types of ways how teachers contribute to students not avian enough of sleep and one of the ways is assigning homework which is not relevant for class. To conduct this research I would need to give surveys to students and the questions would be pertaining to their amount of work and their social life. The survey will distributed among high school students from varying grades as well as college students varying from undergraduate and graduate school.One could assume that students who tend to be very social do not have or do not receive much homework from teachers, while the students who do not have much time to socialize are usually the ones ho are loaded with homework.

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But the surveys will tell the truth about how a student functions and whether the teacher is the one responsible for their lack of sleep or not. The survey will consist of a students answering questions about what they do on a daily basis to determine how busy each student is without the homework.Also there will also be another survey for the students to track down which teachers give them homework and how many hours they spend working on their homework despite the subject. This survey will show give us a good idea bout the amount of sleep each participant gets and from the previous survey of how busy each students daily schedule is. By calculating the amount of hours spent on homework will help answer many questions. For example we can ask whether the amount of hours spent on homework is due to the amount of work or, because of the difficulty of the class.By calculating the amount Of hours they spend on homework a day will help us see how much of their day is gone. We can see how much time an individual has for themselves by the total amount of hours from their daily schedule and the amount spent on homework.

Another survey will be conducted among the same students from the varying grades and from undergraduate and graduate universities, but another survey which will be conducted is that I will require those specified students to fill out a sleep log for a month of classes.By tracking down the amount of sleep we can see how their daily schedule affects their sleep routine whether they get too much sleep, just the right amount of sleep, or not enough sleep. By tracking the amount of sleep the participants get we can assume how well they perform in class on a daily basis since sleep does effect ones abilities in class. The amount of work which teachers assign to students are usually or one of the main causes for students to stay of late.

In conclusion ones daily schedule does affect how one carries on in their life whether they are busy socializing or not. The amount and hours of homework which teachers assign plays a role into the amount of sleep students get, because even though they get their work done the lack of sleep effects their performance in class. And then by getting the participants to fill out a sleep go We can see how much sleep each student gets and compare it to the amount of hours spent of homework, and the amount of time spent on their daily schedule.

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