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Issue 2- Federal Loans: The project will be more keel to get started with a federal loan and there will be long term success and stability in the project with their support. Issue 3- Industry mix: This is also important as it will determine the number of jobs that will be available Issue 4- Compensation to other Ports: No compensation to other ports could result in layoffs which needs to be avoided.

4) Defining my interests The Departed Port in seaborne is of high interest for the union as it has the potential for creating many new jobs.Therefore we need to make sure that we are included when it comes to the distribution of jobs by Harbors. 5) Knowing your limits and Alternatives (BATAAN): Resistance Point- score of 50 BATAAN- song 100 points 6) Defining Targets: Employment rules: Target= 42 points, Resistance= O points Federal Loans: Target= 30 points, Resistance= O points Industry mix: Target= 20 points, Resistance= O points Compensation to other Ports: Target-? 8 points, Resistance-? O points 7) Who are my constituents and what do they want me to do?The 5 constituents are Harbors, Other Ports, Governor, Environmental league and federal DC.

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They will most likely want me to be reasonable and make trade-offs to keep everyone satisfied. The other parties will most likely also want to meet their target point. 8) Analyzing the other Party Harbors: They will most likely want to stick to their initial proposal to the FLAB.

The will however agree to do some trade-offs to get at least 4 of the parties approvals. Other Ports: They want to be compensated for their losses.The other ports target would be to get 100% compensation. Environmental League: Keep the environment safe from harm and pollution Federal DC: Port design must be met in order for Harbors to receive any funding. 9) What overall Strategy do want to select? Will be using a mutual strategy in this negotiation as know that I will need to make trade-offs to come to an agreement.

This is also important as one of my goals is to build and encourage positive relationships with the other parties.

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