Planet the globe. Natural hazards conclude of

Planet earth is the most suitable environment for humans to live and generate their societies. Humans are one of the most intelligent if not the most intelligent species of animals. Today men have made so many changes to planet earth with their scientific advancement, planet earth might not have looked like today even 1000-2000 years back.

Today, humans are worried about global warming and how badly it could affect them. Rising sea and global temperatures are an alarm for the human species to control their actions and save their future. Meanwhile every year there are thousands of Natural hazards that occur throughout the globe.

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Natural hazards conclude of anything such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, droughts, wildfires and many more. Natural hazards causes fall into three groups, (1) the hazards that are caused by movements of the Earth such as earthquakes and tsunamis (  (2) Weather -related hazards, such as hurricanes and tornadoes caused by heat and cold weather conditions and they include an advance warning. ( (3) Extreme weather conditions produce events like flooding and landslides which do not have great advance warnings (earthtimes.

com).  Human activities such as burning fossil fuels release an enormous amount of Carbon dioxide which makes up the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. Increase in amount carbon dioxide raises the temperature and rise in temperature imbalances the weather pattern which could be a contributing factor towards natural hazards. The rise in temperatures could also contribute towards flooding as high temperatures melt the snow in the glaciers which increases the amount of water in the rivers and causes floods and landslides.  Hurricanes which could have moving winds of up to 210 mph, a devastation that leaves thousands of people homeless, some losing their loved ones, causing billions of dollars in damages, is started in the sea far away from where it actually lands, as a small tropical disturbance which is the first developmental stage of a hurricane (rice.

edu).  It consists of many thunderstorms with slight wind circulation after amid condition it leads into a tropical depression which is a group of thunderstorms together under right atmospheric conditions ( Winds in the center of the tropical depression range from 23-29 mph. After detecting the circulation wind, the tropical depression transforms into a tropical storm which forms when it has sustained winds of 39-73 mph. Along with favorable condition, it becomes organized and begins to look like a hurricane with a circular shape. Whenever it forms in to a circle it is given a name, that’s also when the organization and local agencies predict where they will land, or defines the storm’s intensity based on the conditions at that time, it is also when the agencies predict the damages that could be caused by the storm and they start warning the people where the storm will land or the areas that will be affected by the storm. Within hours after that hurricane makes the surface pressure drop which eventually helps the hurricane to get to sustained winds of 74mph and plans on landing in particular areas.

In 2017 there were 18 in the Pacific and 13 in the Atlantic named storms ( which makes the Atlantic the hotspots for the hurricanes as their warm temperatures play a vital role in forming hurricanes. Hurricanes do not take too long as the water warms in the summer in the months of June and July, the hurricane season peaks around the end of August and lasts until end of October ( Hurricanes are categorized into five different categories ranging winds of 74-157 mph or higher (

With winds up to 150mph, the hurricane causes extensive damages to homes, industrial buildings, roads and any object that get in its way ( 


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