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Plagiarism Checker By EduBirdie. Check Your Essay For Free89.3%The uniqueness of the textI NEED PLAGIARISM-FREE CONTENTIn today’s times, Expressionism isn’t something anyone sees very often. That doesn’t make it any less important or relevant. Giving a good example of a relevant expressionist is to shed the light on Expressionism itself.

Through lighting, puppet-like animation, and loss ofindividuality in characters, Tim Burton is the biggest Expressionist of today. Expressionism in itself is so necessary for people in this world it’s hard to say why it isn’t a big influence anymore. Expressionism takes places in a dream-like world that is full of raw emotion. This in thought  is very important for children. Growing up in any time can be hard. Children need a non-threatening way to see what emotion is and validation to feel what they feel is acceptable. That is why I chose Tim Burton.

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 He is the most prominent filmmaker of this time. Expressionism, specifically German Expressionism. Expressionism is a dream-like state, and it shows more of what you feel about the world or a subject rather than what it really looks like. Artists who use Expressionism tend not to be showing an event but more or less showing what that event made them feel or how they reacted to it. In giving an audience that visual it gives them the emotion to feel what the artist feels, or just a great sense of emotion in itself. It causes a sense of understanding between the audience and the artist. In causing feelings to arise within an audience that can be very powerful.

It can be used as an influence on the public. These tactics were originally used in the late 1800’s, primarily in Berlin, Germany. It began just before WWI and it stayed relevant till the 1950’s, post WWII bleeding into several nations all the way to America.

Expressionism was used for several reasons. People at this time felt disconnected and alone. These artists wanted to express that feeling in attempts to bring society together.  Another was political reasoning to revolt as well as protest against issues going on at this time. Finally there is this religious feel to some bodies of work, almost looking for purpose or spirituality. The fun thing about art, especially art like Expressionism is that there is no right or wrong answer.

There isn’t any set-in-stone validity of this is or  what the message of this body of work is. The purpose of-of Expressionism is to express emotion and let it be felt, no matter what that feeling is and let it be accepted (Katielane97). Tim Burton said, “Certain things leave you in your life and certain things stay with you. And that’s why we’re all interested in movies- those ones that make you feel, you still think about. Because it gave you such an emotional response, it’s actually part of your emotional make-up, in a way” (qtd. in “Tim Burton Quotes”).

The elements of Expressionism are repetitive dialogue, unrealistic lighting, loss of individuality in characters, puppet-like style of animation, bare sets or scenery, symbolic props, drastic colors, and episodic acts not necessarily in order. There are several other small noted elements of expressionism, but these are what you would call the focus points. These are elements used in poetry, visual art, theatrical plays and in films. Timothy Walter Burton was born in August 25, 1958 Burbank California. His mother was a fairly simple owner of a cat-themed thrift shop.

 His father William Reed worked for the Parks and Recreation for the city of Burbank. This made his family upper-middle class, making Tim Burton’s childhood comfortable. He spent most of his childhood days indoors, and he was what some might describe as a recluse. He enjoyed drawing cartoons and watching old movies,specifically horror movies  such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  which we come to see that in his professional work as an adult.  Tim was especially fond of films with the actor Vincent Price.

 Tim was also able to use his artistic talent in school to assist him with assignments. In the ninth grade he did a project with art for an anti-litter poster. This got him recognized by a Burbank trash company. The company used the poster on their trucks for a whole year. After he graduated he chose to attend the California Institute of the Arts. Directly upon graduation of college, he got his first job working for Disney as an animator.

 Though he and his colleagues at Disney were not always in agreement with his artwork, Disney still saw Tim’s unique talent and gave him a head start in his phenomenal career (“Tim Burton Biography”). In the early 1980’s is when Tim Burton started to use Expressionism in his artistic work. While working for Disney, he created a short film by the title of  Vincent  in 1982, Narrated by none the less Vincent Price himself. This film got him several awards. Looking at this body of work it shows expressionism at the beginning for Tim Burton, the plot was of a boy who wanted to be someone else. He felt unusual in his home and different from “normal” children. You never see anyone else’s faces throughout the film other than Vincent’s.

It is a cartoon that takes place in  black and white. The dialogue also rhymes in a poetic rhythm. It might even be called repetitive. It creates a dark puppet-like style throughout this film. It can be argued that Tim wrote and drew this film in a reflection of himself. As a child he felt out of place in the world and wasn’t exactly accepted. Tim Burton states: I think the thing is that you’re very affected by your early life, and I think that if you ever had that feeling of outsider, or loneliness or whatever, it just doesn’t leave you. You can be happy and successful, whatever, but I think that thing stays inside of you.

 It doesn’t ever really leave you. You kind of always will have that. (qtd. in “Tim Burton Quotes”)The next film that showed a lot of Expressionism would be one of his first well known live-action films Edward Scissorhands in 1990.  This film is a truepiece of art and it has touched the hearts of so many over the years.

The setting in this film is very simple. There are few words ever said in this film from the main protagonist. The scene are very cookie-cutter in a quiet little suburb where everyone plays a specific role. And everyone must look and act a certain way in order to be accepted in society.

This is a very common theme for German Expressionism. When this character Edward who has scissors as hands comes into play it’s hard to make him fit into this world that has been carved out around him. There is so much symbolism to be met in this story: the loneliness that Edward feels from living alone and then the alone feeling he gets once he has been taken into this society. He is constantly being manipulated in this film in order to be accepted by others. This in turn is his downfall. At the end of the film Edward is manipulated into helping a break-in robbery and is then driven out by the town people. Thus putting Edward back into the castle outside of town to live the rest of his life alone. Also in the imagery of this film there was a lot of bright colors in the town though all the homes and stores were to look relatively the same this is also an element of expressionism.

In the gothic style of the castle there was also a lot of unrealistic lighting. At the castle which Edward lived it was in gothic style where Edward had shaped the bushes enlarge odd shapes. Including one of a human hand reaching to touch the sky but it will never reach. This is believed to be symbolic of how the protagonist Edward feels about wanting to be normal. If he had hands he would be accepted but this isn’t something that will ever happen. Tim Burton also did a comedy film Ed Wood in 1994. This film is about a filmmaker named Edward Wood Jr. His personality was extremely eccentric and strange.

He is trying to live his dream as a Hollywood star director and film writer. But he doesn’t exactly have the best support of those around him and he is constantly put down for his ideas and preferences. But him and other show business misfits, believe in Ed’s bazar vision, made  several films that were completely awful.

Ed was voted in the film “The Worst Director of All time” The reason this film is highlighted is because it highlight elements of expressionism that are sometimes overlooked. The protagonist Ed Wood was considered seemingly insane by the Hollywood world. This being mentally different is one of the most common trait in the in expressionism characters.

That’s what can cause a character to feel a loss of individuality or loss of self because they are constantly being told “that’s not right” or “You should be doing something else.” These are all factors that need change and that’s a big focus on the message of expressionism. Here’s a fun fact, Edward Wood was a real person.

These aspects in the film did happen. So when Tim Burton directed the movie Ed Wood and his life it can be argued that he felt it on a personal level to see the other side of the story of who Edward was. Tim Burton states, “Live people ignore the strange and unusual. I myself, am strange and unusual” (qtd. in “Tim Burton Quotes”)Episodic Elements of Expressionism in the Tim Burton Theory. This theory is a fan based theory that all Tim’s original films are connected and not told in order or in chronological sense. It is said that the story of  Vincent of the first Animated film is the same dog who inhibits in Frankenweenie. Since the boy in Frankenweenie had endangered the town the dog was given away.

When the boy grew up he became the adult by formal name Victor in Corpse Bride. That’s why when Victor is given the dog by Emily he is overjoyed, But he is still alive and the dog is dead then it causes that heartbreak all over again. That’s why when he does die he takes on the name Jack for Nightmare before Christmas. The theory gets more in-depth with evidence. The imagery alone in all of these films are so similar that it would be hard not to consider the possibility that they are all the same story of a boy and his dog.

This theory has been rewritten and renovated over the past few years but there has been no confirmation that it’s true. Also in his live-action films you might notice that the last name Collins and Crane. The fan base say that is not in coincidence. The first appearance of these names happen in Sleepy Hollow in 1999 and reappear all the way to the movie Dark Shadows in 2012.

These theories go into great detail and go over each of Tim’s original films both animated and live action. Some of them are very interesting and believable. Also they use background imagery from the films to help tie them all together.

For example in the model town in Beetlejuice there is an image of Jack Skeleton in the town from Nightmare before Christmas. There are somany instances where Tim’s work has been so similar in story and artistic work that it’s hard to say whether this theory is true or not, though it definitely leaves the audience guessing (“Asher-Perrin Emily” & Will van Der Olivia.”) But we do know one thing Tim Burton has confirmed about his feelings toward family pets. Tim Burton said, “I had this strong connection with a mutt we had named Pepe it was a good connection. Like your first love.

It was very powerful.”(qtd. in “Tim Burton Quotes”) There are several Tim Burton films that have all  elements of Expressionism. To name a few Frankenweenie (both versions), Batman, Beetle Juice, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish and last Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children. That is just some of the most well known films from Tim Burton’s.

All of these bodies of work use great use of the elements and folklore to engage audiences today. He truly has kept the art of Expressionism alive and he has taught both adults and children it is perfectly great to be exactly who you are. 


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