Places purpose is to acquaint Gulliver further with

Places In Gulliver's Travels By: Jonathan Swift Gulliver's Travels has several places that Gulliver visits.In this paper we will take a look a in-depth look at each of the places that Gulliver visits.In my opion Gulliver parelles many places to is home country, England.

Lets take a look at the first stop in Gulliver's travels, Lilliput.Lilliput is inhabitited by people who are only six inches tall.Gulliver seems like a gigant.

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The Liliputians have a structured government and social lifestyles.The government has a senate, officials, a council, and an emperor.The government has several parrells to the England government.Gulliver tells us that these competitions, to choose the officials, who can 'Dance on the Rope', are often the cause of fatal accidents.Flimnap, in fact, would havekilled himself ina recent fall had not one of the king's "cushions" broken his fall.

The king's "cushion" represents George I's mistress, who aided Walpole in his return to power after a "fall."Another comparison between Lilliput and England, Reldresal, a Lilliputian government officer.He represents Walpole's successor, he paid Gulliver a special visit.

His purpose is to acquaint Gulliver further with domestic and international politics, and to enlist Gulliver for assists in protecting their land from invasion, corresponding to the Tories and the treats to France.In Lilliput, the warring parties are the High-Heels , the Tories, and the Low-Heels , the Whigs.Just as George I favored the Whigs, so the Lilliputian emperor favors the Low-Heels.Just as George I's successor, the Prince of Wales, indicated favor to both parties, the Lilliputian heir to the throne wears one high heel and one low.Although several things are parralleled to England some things are not the same.

They both have punishment system that are based on different ideas,were as the Englandjudiciary system is based on on punishment, the Lilliputians judiciary system has its rewards for following the rules.They also have very stiff punishments for unjustly accusing another of a crime.If at a latter point in time the accused person is fround innocent, the person who wrongfully accused is put to an creul death and the un justly accused is rewarded materially, and also receives a title from the emperor.Upon leaving Lilliput for Blefuscu after he had heard that the government was bringing charges of treasion against him and his punishment was going to be blinding him, which this could be paralled to an event in England, when Bolingbroke fleed to France before he went to trial. Gulliver's second stop was quit different from his first stop in fact it was quit oposit.The people of Brondingnag were giants, Gulliver remembers the Lilliputians, and what they must have felt like.In this visit, the Brondingnagians, are a parrellal to the English noble.The Brobdingnags treat Gulliver as though he is a circus act to be watched instead of an human being, but they are careful of him and they don't harm him.The first "owner" of Gulliver actually does show him and then lets his daughter play with him like a doll.As the road show life is eating away at Gulliver he is rescued when the king and queen purchase him from the farmer.He bows and sctapes, pledges undying loyality, and embraces hte tip of the queen finger.The king and queen take good care of Gulliver and have their scholars examine him to see what was wrong with him.They do lable him a freak because of their ingornance.The society they are used to is that of the noble they have set ways they do things.They look down on people who are not the same as they are they are the "High" society of the world so to say.Just as the English noble feel to the "common" people of England.Because of Gulliver's place in England his is offened after he had been talking to the king about England and the king said, "how conemptible a thing was human grandeur, which could be mimicked by such diminutive insects."Gulliver has his noble king and queen in mind when he treats the royality of Brobdingnag with the most highest respect.He asks the queen for some hair and he makes chairs similar to those back home, when the king and queen incourage him to use the furniture for him self he says that he dare not place a dishonoutable part of his body on those precious hairs.The king and Gulliver have a nother conversation about England and how they do things.The king his outraged when he learns about the taxation system, and thought that Gulliver had to be mistaken or that England was headed for bankruptcy.Also the king didn't.

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