Pineapple explorers discovered this tropical fruit in the

Pineapple as an economic crop has encouraging potentials for foreign exchange earnings. It can increase national income through the expansion of local industries and higher incomes for farmers involved in its production (Fawole, 2008).

It is one of the crops with the most potential in the international market and highly profitable, an activity that demands a large workforce (Quijandria, 2012). Pineapple production therefore can be used as a panacea for food security and job generation, help in rural development, launch the country on the path of self-sufficiency, increase food production and help in improving lives and health care delivery services (Mwebaze, 2000).According to Khalid (2007), in the past, more emphasis was relatively placed on enhancing production and productivity of major crops by ignoring that of horticultural crops, fruits inclusive. More so, the majority of the harvested produce in the country is wasted and this may be due to production inefficiencies, post-harvest losses, low level of technology to facilitate processing of quality pineapple products and inefficient marketing system (Ivan, 2011).The word ”pineapple” in English was first recorded in 1398, when it was originally used to describe the reproductive organs of conifer trees (now termed pine cone) the term” pine cone’ ‘for the reproductive organ of conifer trees was first recorded in 1694.

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When European explorers discovered this tropical fruit in the America, they called them ”pineapple” first so referenced in 1664 due to resemble lance to what is now known as the pine cone (Morton, 2008).


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