Pilot errorWhen pilots misjudge misread or fail to recognize mechanical error until it’s too late it can take a turn for the worse because a single mistake can cause a plane to crash. pilot Treyton Lewis says, “not looking the plane over before flight can cause a crash.” If  you don’t you could mis possible threats.He later mentioned that  to prevent death be sure to check your equipment and don’t get cocky, but don’t think you can’t fly and underestimate yourself . when push comes to shove it’s okay to land. living is more important than flying.pilots should be more careful with their decisions.  Mechanical errorMechanical error accounts for 22% of all aviation accidents.1974 a turkish airlines flight to france crashed do to a design flaw in the latch of the cargo door.another example is where a west african flight to nigeria crashed in 1955 because of a flawed wing design. Mechanical failure can happen due to outside things.According to 5 Most Common causes of plane crashes,in 1962 a united airlines flight crashed because it was struck by a swan that tore of it’s left horizontal stabilizer.Always be on high alert,check your equipment.WeatherAround 12 % of all plane accidents are caused by weather. the ones that are deemed hazardous are storms,strong wind,and fog.  It can cause them to have to land.  In 1977, during a flight to lebanon the pilot encountered a thick fog causing the pilot to turn and land.  he tried to land the plane a few times until the fuel ran out and the plane wasn’t able to keep going.  In 2010 an indonesian plane carrying 103 people,crashed when  inclement weather conditions made the pilot overshoot the runway.  The plane skidded into a pool of water at the end of the runway then crashed into a nearby hillside.   The impact made the plane snap in half.  Try to be informed of the weather so you know if you should fly


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