PHILOSOPHY (a)rithmetic, and resiliency. Reading will help children

PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATIONI believed that teachers should use strategies that will cater for all his/her student.

Teacher’s should always be ready to implement new strategies into their lesson plan and also to accept that sometimes it required to start from scratch. Teachers are a role model and educator that will build a strong citizen of Belize. Teachers effort and enthusiasm will build each student to be productive in their community and country. Teacher’s nurture the student growth and development which will allowed every child to grow holistically in a unique ways. I believed the purpose of education is to encourage student curiosity to explore the environment. The purpose of education is to teach the basic(4R’s) which are reading, (w)righting, (a)rithmetic, and resiliency. Reading will help children to understand instruction, processes, and allowed them to communicate with the outer world.

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(W)riting will allow children to express their emotion. I believed children should master the (A)rithmetic method whereby they will develop analytical thinking by solving problem alone also to learn, reason and solve every situation in and out of the class. Resiliency is to build a strong citizen to help build their self-esteem also to teach them that giving up easy is not an option, but to let them know that it won’t be easy and that there is hope by trying. The purpose of the school is to teach ideas that are everlasting for example excuse me, thank you, and sorry values that will never change.Children learn according to their multiple intelligence thanks to Howard Gardener who develop this theory which will help me to target the weakness of every student also to appreciate their strength in different subject.

The way I believed student will learn best is showing love, compassion, respect, honesty, and responsibility etc. those are values that will allowed student to be comfortable in classroom and they will trust the teacher. I also believed that teacher lesson plan should always essay to deliver and understand.

To provide student with material that will encourage more hands on activity, which will allow the student to interact and experiment. This method is called student centre approach, to avoid narration sickness (talk and chalk). To encourage student to do their best in ever work they. To treat student equitably (unique way). I believed I must have high expectation about my student and also to remember that there is student that are slow learner an I must reach to their level of learning. Student learn best when they are place in group they are able to learn from their friend where by the other student break the information and explain the way they understand which will encourage the student to build his/her own understanding about the message that was deliver earlier.

The role of the teacher is to teach student how to become independent adult and to learn how to survive in this world. Teacher are the important educator that will help build self-esteem of every student and allowed the student to become better in a skill they have. The teacher should be a leader who are able to inspire and influence his/her student to learn and also its the responsibility of the teacher to know his/her content before presenting to the student. I believed the teacher should be a provocative teacher that will ask question to a wider concept and their expectation should not just focus in the inner circle but beyond (using real life scenario). I believed teacher should be an innovator who change strategies, techniques, and material so the student are able to grasp the concept they are presenting. Teachers should learn from student also where there is no learning occurring teacher should explain until the student learns.

Teacher are to value the student’s ideas about how he/she must teach by allowing safe environment for the students.The role of the parent in the education of their children is that they are the first educator at home which will begin disciple in their child life journey. Parents should say positive comments about teachers (general). When parents work hand in hand with the school there will be less drop out. Parents should allow their children to participate in activity that they feel comfortable with because it help build self-esteem (socialization) doing so they will belief that they can and will able to face the outer world with courage. Parents taking responsibility about their child education not just buying materials to do project, homework, money ect. What children need is love and care (communication). Children would have a great sense of personal competency and efficacy for learning where they will see that their effort have a great satisfaction.

There would be a strong belief in the importance of education among the young generation because they will have in mind that there are opportunity out there waiting for them am not just speaking about doctors, teachers, lawyer, teller ect. Seamstress are great designer, carpenter, farmer they are business that they can be self-employed but for them to have that noble job they must learn the basic math, English (read). Parents has a big role in their children education.Working together parents, teacher and the community we can build a strong citizen because there will be less drug addict on the street, unemployment, and teenage parents ect. The country would be full with productive citizen and together we can change and help build a new bridge so we can see beyond what we are dreaming about.


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