Philippines, for hosting a large number of carnivorous

Philippines, belonging to the Malesian region is famed for hosting a large number of carnivorous pitcher plants. The island of Mindanao is considered as one of the main centers for Nepenthes diversity in the country (Cheek & Jebb, 2001). The most extensive mountain massif on the island is the Mt.

Pantaron Range which forms part of the Central Cordillera of Mindanao. This mountain range has been unexplored until recently. One of the hindrances in the explorations in this area is the rampant conflicts between the ancestral tribes, the New People’s Army, and the military forces. (Amoroso, et al., 2014). Recently, there were studies and expeditions conducted by researchers in Mt.

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Pantaron Range. This led to the discovery of six new Nepenthes species. However, it s feared that these species, along with the other possibly existing undocumented flora and fauna, could become threatened.

This is due to the presence of a logging company operating in the area. Nepenthes pantaronensis is one of the newly discovered taxa in Pantaron. It is endemic to the place and has not been thoroughly studied. There are gaps in the information provided for this species and previous studies also lacked data on morpho-anatomy and habitat preference.

Therefore, this study will determine the morpho-anatomy and habitat preference of Nepenthes pantaronensis in Mt. Pantaron Range, Bukidnon.


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