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Vincent Vega9-17-07Vega 1 In Philip Gourevitch’s, “We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with our Families,” murder does not have any feelings in it. Gourevitch’s description of the dead bodies is emotionally and physically heartbreaking. This essay proves that sometimes you just have to do what you are told to do. What would you do to stay alive? The Rwandans had two simple choices to choose from. Die, or kill. The way you felt about killing someone did not matter when it came down to it. A year after the genocide occurred, there were still cadavers sprawled out everywhere.

“The dead look like pictures of the dead,” says Gourevitch. Ask yourself, “What kind of people would do this?” Reading this story puts images of dead people in your head. The story draws you into the horror by graphically telling you what has happened. This is a good story to show how words can not only make you imagine, but make them come to life. Feelings.

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We all have them. But sometimes they do us no good. Some Vega 2of the Hutu killers did not even want to take part in the killings. Yet, they were forced to save their lives. They considered it a means toward achieving a new order.

This shows that sometimes, feelings do not come in the way of killing people. Think about it. Kill someone to further advance your government or whatever controls you, or die. Which would you choose in this time? Blood lust may help people overcome the feeling of murder.

Dead bodies smell..

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