Phenylephrine. years: 2.4 to 5 mL orally dosage


  Chemical structure: –  Phenylephrine contain2 oxygen marked withe red color 1 nitrogen marked with blue color 1 ring  structure contain double bonds 1 hain.Also HCL. Available generic andtrade names.

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 Generic names:   ·      Phenylephrine.·      Metaoxedrin.·      Metasympatol.·      Mezaton.·      Neo-Synephrine.

·      Neosynephrine.·      Phenylephrine Hydrochloride.·      Phenylephrine Tannate.·      Tannate, Phenylephrine.Brand names:·        Agrus·        Alcold Plus·        Alercy AX·        Alerid D·        Cezor -Plus·        Cotuss·        Domvent -DMR·        Dxplus·        Fenoride Dx·        Deletus P          Available doses and dosage forms. Phenylephrine is mostlyused fornasal congestion, and  also maybe used useful in increase B.

P.   Adult dose to increase B.P :- Intra muscularor or subcutaneous:  2 to 5 mg every 1to 2 hours as required.Intra V :100 to 180 mcg/per min. Usual dose for Nasal Congestion:- ·       10 to 20 mg orally dose  every 4 hours as needed. (Liqu.

)·       10 mg orally every 4 to 6 hoursa day. (10mg)·       10 to 20 mg dose orally twice a day. (chewable for kidsand old ppl)·       2 years to 5 years: 1.7 mL orally dose  every 6 doses daily.·       6 years to 11 years: 2.

4 to 5 mL orally dosage 2 times a day .·       6 years to 11 years: 10 mL orally 6 times a day. Mechanism of action. First of all Phenylephrinehydrochloride is an Alpha-1 adrenergic receptor agonist it can activates  Alpha-1and Alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. Phenylephrineadministered injection of phenylephrine hydrochloride, increases in the totalblood pressure (sy Bp and Dy BP) because it work on alpha o beta receptors asagonist so its stimulate them for an action. In conclusion it increase theblood presser and have other uses.

Medical uses. Phenylephrine is a usefully vasoconstrictor. It is used to increaseB.

P and nasal decongestant. Its Alpha,1 agonist so its stimulator thepost synapse and make an action , depending on how its administered it makes andifferent effects like used for nose or used for B.p intravascular or nasal italso increases coronary blood flow . increase the pulmonary pressure .

can alsouse locally for mydriatic action.Side effects. Common side effects:·      redness under your skin·      IrregularSleep like insomnia  ·      Skin rash or itching·      Loss of appetite·       Difficulty breathing·      Fast HR·      Face swelling ·      Allergic action  Also this drug may lead to dizziness . Old ppl maybe more effected by this side effects  Contraindications ·       Increase in stomach acid.·       High B.

P.·       Sever or uncontrolled high B.p.·       Allergic attach on the drug material·       Heart attack.·       Blood clot.If any of these symptoms accord to the patient he shouldstop taking the drug ant go to physician to diagnose his case.    Druginteractions.

 There is a lot of drug interaction for this specific drug like300+I will just give some examples for illustration purposes ·      Caffeine.·      Cafatine PB·      Cafergot. ·      cafetrate.·      carbex.  


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