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Phan Thiet tours review – Top things to do in Phan ThietWith a coastline ofover 3,000 kilometers, Vietnam is famous of its scenic beach landscapes withexciting activities. Read on to see PhanThiet tours review – one of the most attractive destinations this summer. Beautifulnatural landscapes with pristine crystal blue beaches, graphical wonders, traditionalfishing villages and affordable prices are what make Phan Thiet – Mui Ne suchan amazing destination with both local and foreign tourists in recent year. Locatedin the tropics and less being affected by the monsoon as well as hot and dryclimate, visitors can arrive here all year-round. Phan Thiet is also anattractive cultural tourism destination with a diverse population of Chineseand Cham people along with the unique cuisine from fresh seafood. A lot ofamazing activities are waiting for us to explore, right? Let’s go!1.      GoQuad Biking on the Sand Dunes of Mui NeTheWhite Dunes and The Red Dunes which change the shape continuously are two mostamazing geographical wonders of Phan Thiet that no one should ever miss whencoming to this pristine land.

Many PhanThiet tour day trips or Vietnamtours provide the visit and exploration with various activities at thesetwo places. Sanddunes formed from hundreds of thousands of years of geological tectonics stretchwith many different colors. There are many ways to experience this exotic beauty,from poetic to exciting, and funny way.  Youcan begin the journey from the White Sand Hills to admire how the sand duneschange the shape according to the sea breeze. Then you can hire a terrainvehicle to run up the hill to enjoy the wind, or see the romantic sunrise andsunset with your lovers.Butthe most exciting part is in the Red Sand Dunes – Sand Sliding. Red sand dunesare firmer in structure, which forms an original playground for local childrenand now for tourists. Let’s rent a plastic sheet from the children, climb uphigh and slide down from the top of the hill.

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Ifyou are adventure-lover, Phan Thiet is also a great choice – stepping up toexplore sand dunes. One of the most popular routes is to follow the Fairy Stream(Suoi Tien) and enjoy the cool water after the heat like the desert of sanddunes. The journey starts from the beach, through the trees, through thestrange stone blocks to Suoi Tien. If possible, it is better to choose the endof day at Mui Ne Hill and watch the sunset on the sand.2.      Relax,Sunbathe and Enjoy Water Sports at Mui Ne BeachDubbedas the resort capital of Vietnam, Mui Ne still keeps the peace of the smallfishing village. Just walking along the beach few minutes, tourists can stillenjoy the wild and the harmony among the sky, the sea, the land and the human.

Inrecent years, Mui Ne has gradually emerged as a water sports destination not tobe missed with many international tourists. Its warm water is favored by manykite surfers or wind surfers or if you are a newcomer, along the coast thereare many individual and small training centers. MuiNe beach is also an ideal place for swimming, kayaking or diving due to its cleanand rock-free water. After few hours in the warm water, you can continue to reston the beach, sunbathe or see the surfers cheat or relax and enjoy the juice. IfNha Trang has been well known for these activities for years, now Mui Ne is anew spot as it is cleaner, warmer and more pristine. As the main attraction inMui Ne, a wide range of beachfront restaurants serving local cuisine and freshseafood at cheap prices are available. Stunning landscapes, many different amusingactivities and luscious seafood are really what attract every traveler arrivingin this peaceful beach.

 3.      VisitingPo Shanu Cham TowersAnothermust-see destination for tourists coming to Phan Thiet is Po Shanu Tower orCham Tower, an attraction with an original beauty, mystery and spirituality ofthe ancient Cham culture.PoSahu Tower is a group of relics of Cham towers in the ancient Kingdom ofChampa, located on Phu Hai Ward, 7 km north-east of Phan Thiet City. Built over1200 years ago, the tower used to be the symbol of the kingdom’s prosperity. Andnow, it is the place worshiping Shiva, Princess Po Shanu, the fire gods andNandin gods.

Comingto Po Sahnu tower, visitors can feel the unique tower architecture and sophisticationof the tower clusters as well as typical sculpture in the way of decorationtypical of the ancient Cham. From above, we can have a majestic view of thebeautiful scenery: the crystal blue sea in front of and the city of Phan Thiet atthe back. Tourists will feel relaxed by the tower located on the beautifularea, have the opportunity to explore the spiritual land and enjoy beautifulscenery. Asa national monument, this place is also famous for its high-valued culture withlots of unique festivals and ceremonies. During Lunar New Year or first monthsof a new year, Cham people often organize special customs, beliefs and culturalactivities such as Rija Nugga, Poh M?ng sang to pray for rain.

Therefore, it isa great destination for foreigners wishing to experience Tet’s holiday inVietnam. Breathtaking,peaceful and clean beaches together with amazing water sports and adventurousactivities and fresh seafood are what appear on our mind when taking about PhanThiet. Let pack and luggage and enjoy this ideal trip.



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