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There are many different Native American tribes like, the Moods, Navajo, Onondaga, and the Iroquois. Even though they are from different tribes and places, culture is a big part of all of their heritages. They show it through different stories like When The Grizzlies Walked Upright and The Navajo Origin. But, only one of these stories is most culturally relevant.When the Moods wrote the myth When The Grizzlies Walked upright, it as based on how the great sky spirit created earth and animals.

In this myth the great sky spirits daughter and a grizzly bear mated and created a new race. Everything in this myth was alive and could talk; the great sky spirit lost his daughter when he instructed her to talk to the wind spirit. She went up to the chimney to talk to the wind and it accidentally blew her away.

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She landed near the home of the grizzles, and the mother grizzly decided to raise her. When she was old enough, she got her married to her eldest son.That is how the first race of Indians came into being. Word got out to her father the great KY spirit and when he saw and the new race he was in an outrage.

He cursed the grizzlies and ran out the new race of children. With The Navajo Origin only man and woman were made. The myth did not explain how earth came about, or if they were a new Indian race. In The Navajo Origin, man and woman were created by the spirit gods. In this myth men and woman washed themselves with cornmeal. Men washed themselves with white cornmeal and women with yellow. They did this for a religious cleansing of the body.After washing themselves with cornmeal you would chant and shout four times and then the gods would appear.

Each god carried different articles to perform a religious ceremony. After the ceremony man and woman came into being. The Navajo Indians were really religious people and believed in rituals and sacred relics. In the myth When The Grizzlies Walked Upright they don’t really have a religion based on how man and woman were made through a religious ceremony.

The myth had a spirit and grizzly bear having children. Nothing about that story is religious in anyway, which is a big part of the Native American culture.The myth When The Grizzles Walked Upright has the most cultural relevance cause it has a deeper meaning within the myth.

In the Native American culture they believed there was something greater than them that created the earth and its people. This myth shows that the great sky spirit was a big part of making earth and its inhabitants. They also believed that nature and its animals were very sacred. That’s why in this myth grizzlies were held as sacred animals and to be feared as well. In contrast to the myth The Navajo Origin the story is based on religion and sacred relics.With religion and rituals can come about a new pure life between man and woman. And starting a new life you have to be married and cleansed so you can live a fruitful life.

Both myths believe that there is a god or spirit that put them into existence. And marriage is a very sacred and religious that is respected. But overall, Native American myths share their cultures, believes, and heritages. When The Grizzles Walked upright and The Navajo Origin were two myths that richly expressed their cultures and believes and are highly respected by all Native American tribes. Through these myths they can bond with each other and understand one another.

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