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Essay title: Persuasive

Baseball players will not step on the foul line as they leave the field of play.Football players have exact pregame rituals that can not be interrupted. The hockey fans of the Detroit Red Wings will throw an octopus onto the ice after their team scores a goal.

The Red Sox did not will a World Series all of those years, simply because they trade Babe Ruth to the Yankees.The Cubs are still paying for not allowing a goat into one of their games.While all of these can seem borderline absurd, they are what players and fan alike adhere to in a religious fashion.These superstitions, like those of the Red Sox and Cubs, are used to explain away years of frustration.

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The curses placed on them can be the only reason that they have not won the World Series. The Babe’s curse made the ball go through Buckner’s legs and the goat made Bartman reach onto the playing field and take the ball away from the left fielder.The fact that both of these incidents took place in the sixth game of each of these series makes no difference.It was the curse not the team.A curse is a much more colorful, even tangible thing to hold on to.Arguments like, the other team out played us or our team did not play very well, can not stand up against a curse.A fan can then shift blame from the players and team that they love, to a ready made excuse.They can bond together and wallow in each others sorrow.Being superstitious is something that most players will not admit to being, but the rest of the team will not talk to a pitcher pitching a no hitter.It is an unwritten rule that even if you do not believe in the superstition, you still do not challenge it.A pitcher who was in the middle of pitching a perfect game was receiving.

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