Personal three months, it is inevitable that we

Personal reflection:After having taken the classes and gone for our Practice Teaching for almost three months, it is inevitable that we should have learned something about the experience, especially about what it takes to be a good teacher, no matter what school Student Teachers get assigned to, working in a school gives us the chance to know what kind of students educators deal with as they go about their normal daily routine. I have experienced everything a professional teacher go through in our regular classes and Practice Teaching, such as preparing lesson plans, reviewing all lessons, filling up some forms, and dealing with students of diverse personalities and abilities. Also, in my experience, I am fortunate to have enjoyed the support and tutelage of my course mates, experienced Teachers and other amazing school staff in the grade level I taught.

I acknowledge that, initially, I found it challenging to get students’ attention for me to teach them properly. Though I know that I have enough knowledge about the topic at hand, teaching students is an entirely different matter, especially teaching those who are not interested to listen. That is why showing a pleasing personality and attitude in class is vital. Students would be motivated to listen to the teacher and learn to appreciate teachers’ efforts when teachers are holistically at their best. On the flip side, when things get out of control, teachers should assert themselves for students to remember the authority of their teachers.

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Collecting and analyzing data of each student is helpful for several reasons. First, it allows me to understand how the students view the subject they are learning in school. This has helped shape my thinking and teaching.

Second, it gives me the opportunity to know how I am impacting students and their learning. This has helped guide changes in my teaching practice. Lastly, it has assisted me to be more reflective. The perceptions students must share are invaluable.

Encouraging my students to give Feedback on their view and what or how they learn best has helped impact goals and plans I have made for my class to be effective.I realized that my means of asking for feedback had been limited, so I will try to incorporate more feedback in the future. I will do regular check-ins that not only assess what students know but look for places where instruction may need to be clarified or corrected in the future. Along with that, I will have students engage in regular reflections on assignments to not only self-evaluate, but to evaluate the process by which they received information and gained content.

Finally, as I look forward to improving my future classroom effectiveness, I will provide a student feedback form so that I can learn what works best for student learning and what they student need more in the classroom.


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