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Personal Perspective PaperSubmitted to:Leslie Ann DunnMBA 500University of PhoenixRoger MorrowMay 15, 2006 I graduated from high school in 1981, there were no computer classes offered. At that time computers were something that was not for the average person to own. I attended college in the years to come where there were eventually computer classes offered.

Tclasses were focused around program writing. When I had a paper to write for a class, I would go to the library for hours on end and haul large books back to my dorm room.When I decided to finally work on my MBA at the age of 42, I discovered that college was not like I remembered. I found I had the option of working on my MBA in the comfort of my home around my busy schedule. Attending class is what ever fits into my busy lifestyle.

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I was amazed at all the learning tools that were available to me as I started my program. One of the most amazing tools was the eResource. Exploring the eResouce brings unlimited. The eResource will provide me with all the resources that I will need through out my MBA program. In using the eResourcesite I am not only able to get reading assignments and simulations for that classes, but be able to maintain my progress in the entire program.The library is unlimited to the resources that are available to me.

The good thing about the library is that being a student at UOPHX will grant my access to the library and its resources after graduation. I will be able to continue to benefit the resources in my career and to assist my children in their assignments.In the online experience, I have been introduced to the concept of learning team. As a member of a learning team, benefit from the team discussion and team assignments. When it comes to working on assignments as a team there are always more that one way and one opinion on how to in the assignments. There are always the members who want to get the assignment done right from the very first while others are working on it the day it is due.

This may be due to a busy schedule at work, or even just plain procrastination. Either way this can bring conflict among team members. This is why the first team assignment is to develop a team charter together.Team Member Skill Inventory Learning Team Goals Ground RulesConflict Management (UOPHX)Using this criteria, the team can hopefully all agree on the goals, ground rules, and how conflict will be managed when or if it arises. I also give the team members a chance to share their skills with each other in order to best utilized each otters talents for the betterment of the team In most professional work settings, you will be required to work in a team of some kind or another.

Being a part of the learning concept will help members learn how to interact and accomplish assignments in the best way possible. Learning this in the online classroom will benefit in the work setting.The Problem Base Learn (PBL) (UOPHX) section of the eRsource is an area that.

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