Personal of their services, which might vary, based

Personal Affiliations and NetworkingNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Personal Affiliations and NetworkingPersonal affiliations and networking are important for nursing leaders in achieving their organizational goals, which is improved patient care, which will result in better patient outcomes (Huber, 2017). Personal affiliations and networking involves creating relationships with other people, which can also be a good basis of collecting information from diverse backgrounds, which is beneficial in the decision-making process (Huber, 2017). The nursing profession largely depends on cultural and ethnic backgrounds in the administering of its services to the public and due to the diverse cultural backgrounds, personal affiliations, and networking will equip the healthcare professionals with knowledge about the consumers of their services, which might vary, based on cultural backgrounds (Huber, 2017).Personal affiliations and networking enables the sharing of information between other departments and facilities, which is important due to the complex nature of health care services (Huber, 2017).

This increases efficiency in the facility and enhances future leadership skills (Huber, 2017). Healthcare departments must work collaboratively to ensure that healthcare goals and objectives are achieved and also sharing of information between different facilities may help in time of referrals where patients may access better health care services and support services (Huber, 2017). This will all improve the health status of the public, which is the major goal of all healthcare facilities.

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Networking between different healthcare facilities will also encourage healthy competition in the healthcare sector, which is a benefit to all stakeholders (Huber, 2017). Personal affiliations and networking between nurses and other healthcare professionals is a benefit to all healthcare workers in the improvement of their healthcare knowledge (Huber, 2017). Through connection with other experienced and advanced nurses, it allows a continuous learning process as most healthcare practitioners have the same professional goals and this process provides opportunities, which could not be available on other platforms (Huber, 2017). ReferencesHuber, D. (2017).

Leadership and Nursing Care Management. Saint Louis: Elsevier Health Sciences.


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