PERL: most popular and dynamic server for


Perl is one of the server side programming language which has similarities to C language. Perl is much quick and simple compared to languages like c,c++ . It is normally used like converting text file to another file, and also it always uses CGI programs. It includes UNIX facilities like tr, sed, awk which compile and executed to c program or bytecode. For the system programming and complex issues it can provide huge number of tools to resolve. It is created by Lary Wall.
Programs we use in perl are called as perl script and system for executing is called the perl program.

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The reason why PHP has succeeded while perl has not is :

Php is much easier and simple to understand, where perl is bit crypted. Using php web scripts are much suitable for the web and runs fast. Perl(CGI) is not a good suitable tool for development of web. Php has a built in database functionality , so it speed up web development and cost efficient aswell. And It is more secured. Perl has more security holes, less consistent and modular compared. Perl is not applicable for everything. It requires a particular knowledge regarding HTTP and CGI libraries. So, php became most popular and dynamic server for web.


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