Percy to see only what the director

 Percy Jackson: Book Vs. MovieI am lover of the Percy Jackson series. Boththe books and the movies. I fell in love with the plot of the book as a childand can pretty much say the lines of the film word for word.

I have read thebook a total of around 8 times, being an avid reader. In my opinion, readingallows you to see everything through your own eyes, how you want to see thatspecific seen. I can picture things the way I think they should look instead ofthe way the film makers see the book playing out. The books are moreconvenient, in my opinion, because you can pick them up wherever and wheneveryou want.

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When I am watching a film, I need to be able to finish that film, butI don’t always have the amount of extra time films take. I also believe booksgive better detail and the movies leave out key parts of the plot. Therefore, Iwould rather the book The Lightning Thief than the film, any day.    Onecriteria that encourages my love of books is that books allow me to personalizethe story. Books allow me to determine what I believe the plot should looklike, it almost makes it my own story, instead of the authors. The author usesdetail and description so well that you can paint a picture in your head.

Ifthe author explains everything clearly and correctly, the reader should be ableto see everything in his or her head. From the plot to the characters’ facialand body features. Movies, on the other hand, allow you to see only what thedirector wants you to see. When watching a film, that is based off a book, youare watching it through someone else’s eyes.

This is precisely why some people,like myself, would rather read a book than watch a film.  Movies and books both allow you to see theplot of the story, but books allow you to see so much more and through your ownperspective. In Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief for example, I saw Percycompletely different than they portrayed him in the film. I saw him muchsmaller as he was supposed to be twelve, not sixteen.

  Anothercriterion that supports my belief is the fact that books allow me to exercisemy imagination in more ways than I would while watching a film. In my opinion,books are much better for your mind because it allows you to learn along withthe words and characters. Movies are projected on a screen and don’t alwaysgive you the exact thing you want when reading the book. I have read TheLightning Thief over 8 times and every time I read them again I learn somethingI didn’t catch before. Books also allow me to challenge myself in more waysthan just my comprehension skills. They let you see what you know and what you willlearn about the book along the way.

The book allows you to read between thelines to see if you can point out the story behind the story, it also allowsyou to experiment with writing your own story. What better way to learn a newwriting style and new words to use in your story than to read a novel or book?The movies are something that, in most cases, there is no thinking involved.Movies and books are created for your entertainment, but books allow you to useyour mind and learn while entertaining yourself. No matter what the purpose;entertainment or informational you still learn and gain more knowledge fromreading things for yourself rather than just watching something on the bigscreen.I would also rather read The Lightning Thief,because the book is very light, portable, and you can literally take itanywhere. I can pack it in just about anything.

The disks are also lightweightand portable, but one must have a DVD player or a movie player just to be ableto watch them. Books you can read anywhere at any time. They can be used in justabout any setting, from your home to crowded mall. You may get a couple ofweird looks due to the books being written for a generally younger crowd, butthese books in my opinion, are for everyone.

Books you can read anytime of theday whenever you want for however long you want; on the other hand, movies you mustsit down for an hour to three hours just to watch the whole movie. The onething I can say for films when you are watching them is that you can watch themin the car; whereas, it can be hard to read a book in the car without aconstant light. Especially for people with bad eyes, it may be easier for themto watch a film rather than read. When I’m bored my main source ofentertainment is pulling out a good book. I’m a night owl so that’s when I getthe most reading done and can comprehend the most so it’s helpful that you canread books at any time.In books, the author’s job is to give youinformational details, so you can see what is going on in your mind.

In thisbook Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, the author does an amazing job ofshowing us the idea behind his thought. Rick Riordan uses vivid detail to make hisstory relatable to the real world along with the mystical world. Without thesedetails, I could never picture what Rick was trying to get me to see. As youcan see, descriptive details are necessary in books to get them well liked andwell critiqued. Due to time constraints, movies tend to leave out parts anddon’t have as many details because it isn’t necessary to picture anything inyour mind.

Movies usually focus on the high plot points only and don’t reallyworry about the smaller details. However, people who love to read do care aboutthe little details and the story isn’t complete without them. While directorsare making the movie they are more or less worried about the main plot, ratherthan the little things that make the story whole. When I am reading this book Iam looking forward to the little things that make the story whole, those partsare my favorite things about this book. A couple of words can make or break asentence, and while movies don’t exactly always need those details, they helpthe audience to see the humor or hidden meaning in their story.

To authors,details are everything. I do understand though, why directors aren’t able toadd all those little details in there. It takes a lot of money and time to makethis type of movie, due to all the action and the time crunch they are in whilemaking that movie.

I would much rather read the book because of those smalldetails, but I am not blaming the producers and directors, because I know howmuch effort it takes to make a single seen with this book, let alone wholemovie.I love everything about Percy Jackson books and/ormovies. I just feel the books suit my personality better. I’m always on the goso being able to pack my books easily and take them anywhere is important forthe way I live. Books also give me more detail to visualize on and capture myemotions. While the films simply make you see one thing, the books allow you tosee the idea in an way you want.

When I’m reading it’s hard for me to putnovels down, so I read well into the night. This book allows me to see what Ithink Annabelle and Percy should act and look, while the film has a kind of adifferent version of what I imagined all together. My interpretation of PercyJackson was very different from the interpretation of many of the other peopleI researched.

Some people believed in the kind of religion that was describedin the books and movies, while others didn’t like the book at all. I, for one,enjoyed the books and films, although I don’t believe in the gods. I understand that some people enjoy themovies more than the books. I realize that some people would rather watchsomething than read text, but there are also those people who like both. I amone of those people who enjoy both.

I had to choose a side and since I had tochoose, I chose the book side, because I really love books and imaginingeverything. I won’t say one is better or worse than the other, both are equalin my opinion. The Percy Jackson books and films are very different takes onone idea, both amazing.


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