with countless anecdotes, stories and memories of the industrial world, the
life story of Steve Jobs seems even more colorful than it already was. Author
Walter Isaacson does not stop at jobs of lacking social ability, as he conceals
his drug use or the bitter truth states that Jobs’ cancer despite his vehement
denial did not submit to his reality Disortion Field. Steve Jobs looks at a man
who has shaped the industry, there’s no denying that, and he was so clearly
linked to the company he founded that it’s hard to imagine a time without him
at Apple. His visions of his products are as clear as the fact that he has too
often subordinated his family. Steve Jobs was a man full of contradictions but
with an unexpected sense of design, aesthetics and presentation. If you have
accompanied him – as it turned out after completing the book – from his
childhood to shortly before his death, you certainly have the feeling to know
him. Although not to understand. A greater compliment you can hardly issue a


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