People they wanted to express their thoughts

People start to write as soon as they developed their writing skills, because they wanted to express their thoughts and share them with others and also get their opinions at the same time. In order to write well, the writer needs to read a lot of other articles, books and journals written by different authors. This will help the writers to think how they are going to present their thoughts on their paper.

Every writer needs to know the their audience for his/her work. To help the writers to improve their writing skills the readers has to read and understand the message the author is trying to say. Some readers may find it to be interesting while other readers may not because every people have different ways of thinking.

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The bonds between the readers and writers are twisted and complicated. Some writers write general topics, there are some writers who write for subjects that requires a lot of knowledge, like scientific research, political science, and more complex topics while others write for children to appreciate like comics and cartoons, A writer must be effective in delivering his thoughts, and his audience must appreciate or show a reaction by proving feedbacks for his/her work. Some readers won’t try to understand the message the writer is trying to tell them because they are limited by their own personal experiences, their own views and words. Each reader will have different viewpoints of the articles written by the writers.In the government information pamphlet,” Combating Discrimination against AANHPI and MASSA Students” by US department of Justice, U.

S Department of Education and the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, they ask the readers to report any incident or information about discrimination occurring in schools by contacting either the U.S Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division or The U.S Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, while in the article, ” India’s ATMs are running out of cash..

again” by CNN money, the writer wants all the readers to be aware of the current situation happening in India and also take measures so that people won’t have any problems. In the editorial article,” Give Poor New Yorkers a Break on Subway and Bus Fares” by The New York Times Editorial Board, they wanted to inform all the readers that the Mayor has taken steps to make sure that the MetroCard, (card used for transport via Subway and buses in New York) is reduced to half the current price for New Yorkers living at and below the federal poverty line and military veterans. In all the 3 articles, the writer as an expert speaks his/her opinions and facts to general readers. The writer makes sure that the readers follow the discussion by providing actual facts and also incidents that occurred in the past relating to the current incidents.


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