People perceived taste of the food itself.

People nowadays eat in public places more often than they ever have which lead to the rapid growth of the food industry due to high demand from society.

There is no doubt that eating in public places such as restaurant, café, and mall is part of the modern lifestyle because it is more efficient and convenient. According to Spence (2015), there are few factors that can boost person experience and satisfaction of dining experience. This essay will discuss about factors affecting person perception of taste in restaurant setting and how it has impact to the taste in food.One of the factors which is important in restaurant setting that affects the perception of taste is colour.

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Colour is defined as important product-intrinsic sensory que in setting a person expectation regarding the taste of food and drink (Spence,2015). For example, before people decide on something, they will see things based by its visual – one of which is colour. Once it attracts their attention, they will start making action.

As with the food, it plays a huge role to increase one appetite. In addition, according to Kostyla et al. (2009) states few basic colours that is appealing to the sight; such as green indicates freshness and health, brown indicates wheat, and organic, red indicates sweet.

However, there is one colour that happens to decrease one appetite, blue. It is often related to the deterioration of the food – the sign that the food goes bad. Spence (2015) emphasizes that colours not just something that is pleasant to the eyes.

It changes the whole perception of the perceived taste of the food itself.The second important factor affecting person perception of taste is service quality. Kotler (2003) states that service is defined as an act based on the interaction of the two individual; the provider and the receiver to fulfill their needs.

There are few fundamental keys that contribute the quality of the service; e.g attentiveness, personal hygiene, responsiveness, reliability, empathy. According to Stevens et al. (1995) reliability is the crucial aspect followed by attentiveness, responsiveness, and empathy.

Jones (1983) states that service quality-the five fundamental keys are essential to influence customer perception, once it has been fulfilled it will lead to customer satisfaction and they would likely return. However, though it gives a good dining experience it does not really has impact to the taste of food.The third important factor that significantly affects a person perception of taste is background music.


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