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People have a need for belonging and acceptance. This is why some of us cave to peer pressure. It’s very common in a younger individual, such as teenagers. I think the older we get the better we are at resisting and can stand up for ourselves. Teenagers are most likely to give in under pressure. Friends and peers can influence their behavior, involving them to do things they normally wouldn’t do or not want to do, to avoid getting left out or being disliked. Uninvolved or negligent Parents, low self-esteem, and fitting in are some reasons why we give in to peer pressure.
As a result, teens who have parents or guardians that are not involved are easily influenced by peer pressure. Being neglected by parents could have them looking for friends for advice and to fill voids of love and care. When we are younger, our feelings about ourselves are influenced by how others treat us, especially our guardians. Everyone is worthy of a loving family, but some teens are unfortunate, and they lack support at home. Children with parents who suffer from drugs or alcohol abuse, mental health issues or other hardships, are not able to provide their support, care, and attention they need. This could also cause low self-esteem problems.
In addition, peer pressure could have a greater impact on people with low self-esteem. A person with little or no confidence might feel it is necessary to fit in any way possible. They’ll abandon their personal beliefs and values to be included and accepted, such as imitating the look, behavior, and attitudes of a group. Low self-esteem can result from trying too hard to fit in. For some people, no matter how much they change, they’ll never feel good enough. Constant criticism and negativity from peers can also have a person doubting their self-worth and lower their self-esteem. Lastly, when people lack confidence, most likely they struggle with finding themselves and where they belong. This can lead to a place that is the easiest to fit in. Sometimes that is with the wrong crowd. Teenagers trying to fit into a group of peers will do things they normally would n’t do in order to impress them. For example, smoking a cigarette when they think it’s a gross habit, but everyone else is doing it.
In conclusion, Friends and peers could influence a teens behavior. Negative peer pressure could cause drinking or drug use, drinking and driving, pregnancy and some health issues, but when teens surround themselves with people that make good decisions and are involved with positive activities and choices, it will make them want to be better. Having great friends boost self-esteem and confidence. Teen peer pressure can be bad or good, it depends on the intentions of the teen. One thing is for sure, peer pressure in this age group isn’t going away, so us as parents must do our best not to ignore issues that surround it.


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