Peninsulare: because their birth in Spain. Creoles were

Peninsulare: Those who were born in Spain.

Creole: A person born in Latin America to Spanish parents.Mulatto: Someone of mixed European and African ancestry.Simón Bolívar: A wealthy Venezuelan creole who was responsible for the independence of Venezuela.José de San Martín: An Argentinian man who was accountable for Argentina’s independence in 1816.Miguel Hidalgo: The man who created the beginning steps towards independence from the Spanish.José María Morelos: The leader who took the throne after Miguel; led the revolution for four years before Agustín de Iturbide defeated him. The independence movement led by Toussaint L’Ouverture was the Revolution in Haiti.Spanish colonial society was divided into a caste system where peninsulas were the wealthy and named themselves higher than everyone else because their birth in Spain.

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Creoles were the middle class, and were born in Latin America. However, they were at times raised in Europe where they adapted to many of the Enlightenment ideas. Mulattos were at the bottom of the society structure and were made up of mixed European and African ancestry. The Haitian Revolution was different from revolutions in the rest of Latin America in that L’Ouverture and others led a slave revolt that led French off the Island.

Latin American revolutions were created by creoles whites born in the colonies. Groups that led the quest for Mexican Independence were Indians and Mestizos. In South America, Bolivar and San-Martin led multiple nations to freedom.

In Mexico their attempt to revolt failed and was made into an independent nation by the man that stops the revolt. Creole revolutionaries tend to be democratic leaders because they were poor like those who revolted. Events in Europe were related to the revolutions in Latin America because both wanted independence from their rulers. I agree that political changes in Spain made it less fit to rule in South America, but I do not believe that it had the right to rule in South America.

The colonial society restricted rights and abilities of native inhabitants, who were the only ones that had true rights to


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