Pedagogy methodical use by oppressors. As Freire

Pedagogy of the Oppressed is about Paulo Freire’s multi-layered theory concerning education as a way to destroy and stop oppression. While separating his own theory for battling and killing abuse to realize freedom, Freire likewise addresses the theory of oppression itself, including its birthplaces and methodical use by oppressors. As Freire sees it, the fundamental part to achieving this freedom from oppressors is to take advantage of basic mindfulness, a mindfulness that people hold in their own particular points of view.

To do as such, education itself must develop, in this manner making an instructive dynamic where the educator/learner rubric is to a greater extent an organization than a chain of command. Thus, an exchange that places the two sides on measure up to balance can be sanctioned, one that focuses toward an acknowledged humankind for both the oppressor and the persecuted

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