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1 Background.In the past forty years, Malaysia has developed rapidly into an industrialized country, producing a variety of products. There was unparallel amount of development in infrastructure especially in road network system. There are approximately 73 403 km of roads with a staggering 78% of paved road and the remaining are soil/earth or gravel roads (K.P.Chong, 2004). This system has served to great importance to the development of Malaysia.

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However, many of these roads have reached a point where it needs maintenance to preserve it at an acceptable level. Therefore, a pavement rehabilitation process is needed urgently to carry out maintenance on these roads.. Rehabilitation is a process to recover the condition of the defected roads. Asphalt overlays, mill, replacing and reconstruction are among the technique used to rehabilitate the existing asphalt. In mid 80’s, the recycling technique was introduced in Malaysia (K.

P.Chong, 2004). Since the main concept of the technique is recycling, it became more preferable and popular. Today there are two types of recycling techniques namely hot recycling and cold recycling.1.

1.1 Treatment In order to maintain all the road condition, a large sum of money has to be invested. Therefore it is essential to adopt the most cost effective technique of rehabilitation.

There are several types of treatment that can be applied in treating the distress pavement. Each has their own advantages. Among them are Cold-in-Place-Recycling, and Hot Mix Overlay. This project, we will focus on Cold-in-Place-Recycling.1.

1.2 Cold-in-Place-Recycling (CIPR) Cold in place recycling is one of the techniques used in pavement rehabilitation. This is an innovative road reconstruction process and cost-effective compared to any other traditional reconstruction pavement method.Generally, CIPR project requires less time to complete compared to other conventional grind and pave method. Since it requires lesser time to finish, it minimizes the problem to the public that uses the road and to businesses that may rely.

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