Patriarchal societies are communities that have a

Patriarchal societies are communities that have a system where men hold an excessive amount of power over women. Patriarchy itself has been around for quite some time and has been heavily intertwined with a plethora of religions, even in today’s world. This way of life has impacted the development and conditions of the economies of countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  The restrictions of women contribute greatly to the state of the economy. These women can not work high end jobs or at all, which ultimately is why their country is still in the state of developing.  These nations are being restrained from advancement due to their primitive way of thinking. The patriarchy involved in their societies is causing them to be stagnant as a third world country. Women have an important role in the development of a country, which is why first world countries are so successful. The limitations placed over women are not only hurting women but are hurting their country’s and more developed countries’ economies.Africa is known for having strong amounts of patriarchy in their communities. Women are oftenly suppose to have children, take care of them and their home. They’re not suppose to get a proper education or jobs and work. Women are seen as inferior to men and that they must listen to their command. In the journal,”The Role of Gender Inequities in Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care,” Amrita Namasivayam states,”In societies where women are of a lower status than men, gender inequities are often mirrored in terms of restrictions in education, health care, economic and employment opportunities, and choices regarding marriage and reproductive health matters.” Women don’t have the opportunities that women in many second and first world countries do have. The value of women in these societies is much lower than more developed countries and it’s reflected on the type lifestyle they can live. They aren’t viewed as highly and they’re suffering because of it. Furthermore, in “Patriarchy and Gender Inequality in Nigeria: The Way Forward,” Godiya Allanana Makama explains, that Nigeria is very ” patriarchal in nature” which is “a major feature of a traditional society (…)  the patriarchal society sets the parameters for women’s structurally unequal position in families. The way Nigeria is structured it has allowed men to be able to dominate women with ease. In this society, men are taught to do leadership roles, on the contrary women are taught to do domestic chores. From a young age, women in Nigeria are taught that they’ll have to take care of their family. They are not supposed to have any other ambitions, which is unfair. Men and women should have an equal right to make decisions about their. In Nigeria, the way women are excluded from the same fortuity as men is hurting the nation and its development in the long run.


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