Patients maximum penalty is life in prison. According

Patients who have gone through excruciating pain would feel the need to end their life, they would consider being suicidal by having someone assisting them. Assisted suicide is an act by someone accidently or is being encouraged of killing another individual. If patients acquired strong sedatives and that their family members have observed them known that it could kill them, that can also be considered as assisted suicide. Euthanasia is an act of killing another on purpose to end their life. For example, by overdosing patients with strong sedatives or injecting them with muscle relaxant, with the aim to end their life.

By law Assisted suicide in the UK is considered illegal and can be punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Euthanasia is different and can be considered as manslaughter or murder. The maximum penalty is life in prison. According to these figures produced by the ‘Right to die’ campaign that one Briton every fortnight would go to Switzerland However in 2015 MP’s voted whether to make assisted suicide legal. Later that year a poll created consisted of 5000 people, where a majority of 82% voted to support a change in the law to give terminally ill people, mentally competent people to have the legal option of being able to be assisted of dying with dignity.

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One of the arguments of favouring assisted suicide can It be considered as a choice. Taking your own life is a decision for us to make, and that we have the right to choose how it ends and when. ‘Right to die’ campaigners Debby Purdy and Tony Nicklinson, have said that disabled people are overlooked upon and are denied the chance of being assisted dying as they unable to do it themselves, whereas able bodied people can wish their life to end without assistance. On the other hand, people would want have the rights to end their life, they’re people out there who are vulnerable and are put at risk of coercion.One of the argument favouring assisted suicide is that can mercy hold as an option?. Terminally ill patients who can’t function day to day are struggling the need to survive and the only process is to live pain free is being assisted of ending their life.

Some think it is immoral for terminally ill patients to go on living but they are wishing to die. The only right thing to do is to show mercy and compassion as they cannot bear the pain anymore is to assist them to die.On the other hand, some argue that giving care to their loved ones on their final years is more merciful and the more kind way to behave.

One of the arguments favouring assisted suicide, can it be controlled? “The present clinical, ethical and legal fudge — in which ploys such as continuous sedation, and starvation and dehydration, are used to get round the prohibition on assisted dying — is unacceptable,”- Prof. Raymond Tallis. Chair of Health Professionals for Assisted Dying (HPAD) Doctors can manage treatment to relieve suffering, even if it will have a foreseen side effect of hurrying death. Some argue there is no comparison between this and purposely assisting death, and that legalising assisted death would help stable a practice which operates without safeguards.

As of now terminally ill patients having the wish to end their life would consider attempting suicide, refuse treatment and having to through starvation, or travelling to Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal.On the other hand It’s impossible to maintain the practice – even with safeguards – and it could facilitate doctors with unsound motive.One of the argument for favouring opposing assisted suicide, if religion was involved.

Religion teaches that you should be grateful and cherish life, and it is thought to be that life is a gift from god. Religious leaders from Islam, Judaism and Christianity find a peaceful way of guiding someone other than using assisted suicide as an option.On the other hand certain religion communities have their views on assisted suicide. For example, according to Justin Welby, George Carey – former archbishop of Canterbury – that assisted death is a “Christian and moral thing to do” .The responsibility of doctors have come to our attention and has sparked debatable that they are only ones who are responsible for handling dangerous prescriptions which could make assisted suicide easier.

Our doctors have our lives in their hands, but is it safe or acceptable to have a person to assist a suicide simply because they are a doctor?The relationship between patients and doctors is undermined for having them to assist someone in suicide and would bring the whole healthcare system into jeopardy. The BMA is a union that is formed and consists of 1000 doctors who all oppose assist. Allowing doctors to help people end their lives, the BMA says, would change the use of healthcare industry, which aims to restore the quality of life, not end lives. If we knew that our doctors had the power of both life and death would we be able to put our trust in them as we can now?It seems to me that assisting suicide has led me to believe that assisted suicide should be legalised Physician assisted suicide isn’t a “right or wrong” thing. People have the right to bear arms, freedom of speech.

So why can we not have the freedom to make a decision on whether we want to live or not? When considering physician assisted suicide however, we should outline who should be allowed to receive physician assisted suicide and why this person is receiving this assistance. Physician assisted suicide should be allowed to those who are terminally ill with a limited amount of time left to live. PAS shouldn’t be eligible to people who are young and are healthy or have plenty of time to live


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