Part show Why Mandatory Minimum Sentences Don’t

Part I: Mass incarceration has always been a big deal in the United States. In today’s society, there are many people who are being incarcerated for minor offenses. The article, “Column: 5 Charts show Why Mandatory Minimum Sentences Don’t Work” states how mass incarceration started off in three waves, which were “Comprehensive Crime Control Act, Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, and Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994” (Golash-Boza 2017).

Through these three acts, the criminal justice system can find a way to fill the prisons. Being able to fill the prisons up with people, high corporations can make money from these inmates. Mass incarceration is another big business a lot of people, such as congressmen, large companies, and individuals in the government.

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Part II: Regarding mass incarceration, I believe as a society there are many ways to decrease the prison rates. Finding better alternatives for those who are imprisoned for petty crimes such as, drug offenses, reckless driving, or disorderly conduct will decrease prisons drastically. In the lecture, we discussed some other possibility such as community service, classes to help better the individual and even fining the person who committed the crime. Not only there will be fewer people in the prisons, taxpayers are able to save more.

A lot of people know how much money goes into funding the prison system and being able to save money will be very helpful. Part III: Overall mass incarceration is a broad subject to talk about because you can approach the topic from many different angles. Not only money is involved, but people families are included regarding this subject matter, the media plays a big role, and the treatment of the prisoners can also be talked about. This topic is very important to me because to touches home in a certain way. Furthermore, every time I am able to talk about mass incarceration I jump at the chance because there is always new information appearing and I always find people who have similar stories to mine.


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