Parents should make their children essay

Let’s examine the opposition’s main line of argument. They all agree that high income is the most crucial factor when people choose their occupation. They offer some notions as the basis for their rationale. Some of the assertions may have merit. Nevertheless, their analysis is mostly baseless and minimally cogent. The fact is that there are significant cases that make their thinking dubious at best. Included in such examples, my personal observations can clarify how important the spare time is for the employees.

When my brother was in middle school, my parents add decisions for my brother on almost everything. They enrolled him in math and English language courses. On weekends, they took him to art galleries and museums. On vacations, they spent a lot of time together in various local festivals. They think that these kinds of things would help him in the future. In contrast, my brother was always unsatisfied with their choices because they were always against his wills. The relationship got worse and worse. If they have encouraged my brother to make his own judgment, the relationship would have been better.

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This supports the thesis that allowing children to make their own decision stops the relationship between parent and the child get worse. Additionally, children learn more information for their future career when they make their own judgments. Beyond my personal anecdotes, a significant body of research serves to defend my conclusions. An ample majority of survey respondents endorsed my thinking when asked whether they sided with the fact that the children should choose their own way. A parent of a middle school participating in the survey spooned that her son made better decisions for his future career than she did.

She explained that her son he found various kinds of specific and in depth information on online. A teacher of a middle school also responded that kids today can find what they are interested in very easily and they can sign up for various online lectures on what they want to learn about. However, the distraction of parents in children making their judgments would not have led them to interact with the information online.

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