Parents jail. But it was a surprise

Parents have a big responsibility when raising their children’s. God gave each child a parent so they could teach them right from wrong and how to behave to raise them into successful men and women for today’s society; rather than delinquents that this world hates and discriminates. Now what many people ask, “Should parents be held responsible for the crimes of their children?” Despite the damage these teenage criminals cause, parents should not held responsible for their children’s actions. It is the parent’s responsibility to instill values into their young children because as the children grow it becomes their responsibility to make their own decisions since one day they will have to face the real world on their own.

Parents should not be held for their children’s actions. Blaming the parent when the child does something wrong is not going to help the children learn from their mistakes. In this case that I found where a young boy call Alex Provenzino was 16 years old when he defied curfew, he broke into neighbors’ homes, and stole $3,500 from local churches. The teen was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to a year in juvenile jail. But it was a surprise when Alex’s parents were put on trial for his crimes. The parents say that they knew nothing about Alex’s crimes until after he was caught.

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Many parents have to face legal charges when their kids are caught for a variety of crimes-from vandalism to underage drinking to attempted murder. When this happened, parents may be forced to pay fines or perform community service. They may even have to take basic classes on how to be better parents. Lots of good parents wind up with bad kids.

“Kids misbehave despite the best efforts of their parents;” says James Fox, a crime expert at Northeastern University.” Sometimes you have a 5-foot-4 mother who can’t control her 220-pound son. Teenagers are old enough to understand right from wrong.

When Patricia Holdaway’s 16-year-old son violated curfew five times, she was legally charged. But her son doesn’t think she should have been. “It’s not her fault, I know right from wrong” he says. Advocates who subscribe to full parental accountability stated, “They believe parents should control their children’s actions and accept their obligation to bear the consequences of their children’s mistakes.” With this sad comment they state that parents totally deserve every punishment for every mistake that their children commit.

However, parents shouldn’t be incarcerated for their children’s wrong doings, the child themselves are responsible for every crime they committed. Blaming parents isn’t going to help the children learn from their mistakes, it’s just going to make it that much easier for them to commit the crime again without getting any punishment sent their way. Some parents may be the best when it comes to raising their children, however the child is the one who decide if he go in the right path or decide to go down a different path with the wrong crowd and misbehave. If the children decide to go the wrong direction doesn’t mean that the parents should be punished for the child’s mistakes.

Parents always have high expectations for their child. However, many children today are easily influenced by people in their surroundings and many of these people are not good influences. So, by attacking the parents the problem isn’t going to change and the situation isn’t going to get any easier. A parent has to lay down supervision and care for their children, but aren’t responsible for every action the child makes.

I think if we blame parents for their children’s crimes, then we will never see no positive outcomes in the child’s future. Parents can’t control their children but only influence them.


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