Parent’s Vi Submitted date: 08-05-2018 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the

Parent’s and Children’s privacy Student’s name: Nguy?n Hoàng Hi?pStudent’s code: 21160045Class: C116TA01 The instructor’s name: Mrs.

Bùi Cát ViSubmitted date: 08-05-2018 INTRODUCTIONNowadays, the technology is very developed, the parental control over the children is no longer a difficult problem. They can be easily follow their children at all times. Via internet or social networking, for example, with a technology tool called mSpy, Snyder can review. messages, photos, videos, download apps, and browser history.

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Through their web-based control panel, they can view all of this information safely without their children knowing. There are many who believe that every person needs to have a personal space, so they think that parents should not interfere with the privacy of their children. Meanwhile, many parents affirm: That is how they can manage to educate their children in time, help them not “lost”, can protect the safety of their children. However, doing so will make children feel uncomfortable and affect psychology.

So in my opinion, I totally agree with the statement that “Parents mustn’t interfere with the privacy of their children”. BODY As children grow older, they need a private space for themselves, which is necessary because your child needs private space and personal time to address personal challenges, such as remarks. about myself. This is the time when young people think about their abilities, want to develop their interests and strengths. An important part of maturation is learning how to solve challenges with independence and self-responsibility.

Firstly, when parents do not give their children the freedom to make their own decisions, children do not have the opportunity to learn from those decisions. Although parents are responsible for guiding their children and protecting them, adolescence is still a time to challenge boundaries, a time when they can learn many lessons in society or in life. For example, children who have tried drinking alcohol in their teens will later tend to be healthier psychologically than children who have never had a drink.Secondly, when parents invade the privacy of their children so that the relationship between parents and children will not be tied to each other. When parents monitor stalking, they express a lack of trust, the need for over-control really hurts the relationship. Teenage is a critical time in the lives of children, when they need privacy and sense of space to develop their own identity.

Petronio said that: “The privacy right is important not just for teens, it is also the task of the youth”(Petronio, n.d.). The main task of a teenager is to become an independent individual, separated from parental control. Teens do this very clearly by asking for private space. Obviously, privacy and personal space are really important to help children become healthy adults, which will be easier to adjust to later life.

Privacy is an important part of the development of that independence. The ability to experience privacy is probably the basic need of people in every culture. There is a lot of evidence that violating the privacy of children will affect the parent-child relationship, and they will feel uncomfortable having their parents around.

If the parents are circumspect, the children will not believe them anymore, the need for excessive control will ruin this relationship.Finally, privacy infringement can also have a lot of negative effects on children. Steinberg said that: “Parent-child relationships are not the only thing affected when a child does not have enough.

private space” (Steinberg, n.d.). Their privacy is violated, which can lead to psychological problems that experts call inner negativity – such as anxiety or depression.

Studies have shown that children who grow up with their parents are more severely sensitive to these mental health problems, in part because they destroy belief in their ability to function independently. . And these children are more likely to suffer from mental illness than children who live in a comfortable environment. For example, when a child is always closely monitored by his or her parents, he or she is not allowed to go out and the child’s psychology is always shy and does not function as other children. CONCLUSIONInstead of interfering in your life harshly, parents put that love into real respect. Only the respect and beliefs of the parents will help the children do not hurt themselves and the feelings of parents with children will be closer.

REFERENCES LIST:Petronio, S. (n.d). associate professor of communications studies, director of the Center for Interaction Management at Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA “The privacy right is important not just for teens, it is also the task of the youth, teens do this very clearly by asking for private space” Steinberg, L. (n.d).

“Parent-child relationships are not the only thing affected when a child does not have enough private space “Steinberg, L. (n.d).

“children who grow up with overly concerned parents are more likely to have such mental health problems, in part because they undermine their confidence in their ability to function independently”


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