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Paragraph 1-Introduction
The way in which the human body works and how it’s perfectly adapted to this world something unequalled in its surprise. The most prestigious gift that we human beings have been bestowed with is to save and change lives. I am passionate about Biology and enjoy the intellectual challenge it entails. What fascinates me most about the human frame is how it is constantly overcoming challenges in its battle for survival. I want with a purpose to discover the world of human biology and strive to find out more about our species and how I would be able to use my knowledge and understanding to help others in need.
Paragraph 2- Education
My ambition for studying biomedical sciences are reflected throughout my A level choices. My fascination for Biology is how in depth the knowledge of organisms actually goes where an understanding of how complex organisms actually are can lead to variety of ways to prolong and improve human life. Biology has contributed to the analytical aspect of learning as well as to reinforce a deeper knowledge of the subject, while Studying Information Technology has increased my computer skills such as academic writing, keeping record and analysation of data, which would be beneficial for University and a career in biomedical science. My dedication to the subject is not limited to the classroom environment; I have read various articles on topics such as antibiotic resistance and genetics to further expand upon my passion for the subject and develop a higher level of understanding on current issues within the discipline.
Paragraph 3 – Extra curricular
During year 12 I had the opportunity to do work experience in Hillingdon Hospital shadowing a vascular consultant. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to deepen my understanding of the subject and what it entailed.
I was astounded by the consultant’s ability to diagnose the patients’ illnesses with a high degree of accuracy simply by examining the patient’s physical body. The surreal atmosphere of the problems faced by the patients, the challenges that tasked the consultant and also the heavy emotional impact I obtained from observing the surgeries and consultations, has all helped to strengthen my empathetic sensibility towards the career and solidify a desire to study biomedicine at University.
I have also organised a visit to the Kings College London University. I expect to be able to observe the day-to-day experience of medical and biomedical professionals, how work is conducted in the hospital’s laboratories (including the pathology laboratories) and how the doctors and lab technicians together work to provide necessary treatment for their patients. I believe this will give me further knowledge about biomedicine and a better insight into what exactly the biomedical field requires of me.
Paragraph 4 Conclusion
I look forward to the opportunity to become part of a university community that would mould me in the best way possible so that I emerge fit and able to help others using health care. I am confident I would be able to work well with others work hard to contribute to a university that chooses me.
Neither of my parents have been to university, my family and I are very proud of this opportunity to study at a respected UK university. This also gives me the chance of improving my own life chances and having a positive impact on society too, something I am very excited by.


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