Pakistan before this attack was rather normal

Pakistan  has got the very strongimpact after 9/11 incident in both social as well as economical conditions.

Most of the Pakistanis working abroad had to suffer serious damages. As it wasquite evident from the  media that themain culprit of the incident was found in the area in Pakistan from that time Pakistan has been  targeted globally. Pakistanis are facingcriticism and hatred.

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We are facing troubles in getting visas of Europeanscountries. At the airport many times this happens that Pakistanis are held andare thoroughly checked just thinking that might be they are doing somethingunethical or problem causing. There are a lot of other factors which areaffected like the constant bomb blasting and the mismatch budget . The life ofthe people before this attack was rather normal one but when the war on terrorstarted it caused great damage to the life and property of the people.

“US-Pakistan alliance in the war on terror, onemust remember the hypocritical and shady businesses of both governments infunding the very same groups they attack today: The Taliban. It is understoodthat both regimes supported these groups until 9/11. Hence the strength andpower of the Taliban is a product of the support rendered by the US andPakistani governments.”(Pakistaninsider, 2011) a. Effect on the Tourism IndustryThere was a lot of bad impact on the nationaleconomy.

As the tourist feels unsafe to visit Pakistan. Tourism was a big incomefor the Pakistan .Different sports have been stopped as different players like that of cricket try to avoidcoming to Pakistan. A lot of  threatsalso caused  hindrance  in the development of the industry.

Pakistanhas been put into front line very cleverly by the us government. It caused alot of loss in the overall growth of our country. “It is not Pakistan’s war, this is America’swar. This war has killed thousands of innocent Pakistanis, women and children,”PTI(Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) Pakistanhas suffered  tremendous lost due to thiswar on terror. Internationally, Pakistan’s economy suffered damage and still weare trying to recover from that  deepcrisis. Terrorism  created uncertainty ,lack of confidence , increased risk of economic growth.

People are afraid tovisit market places, crowded areas. There are less facilities of security.Even the medical facilities ,educational facilities and law and order situation are facing deterioration


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