Paediatric Orthopaedic Clinic Case Study essay

Utilization rates were calculated as separate divisions and by the particular job title. To calculate the utilization rates for individual job functions, the number of total hours spent on the process was divided by the number of total hours available for work for the particular worker(s).

Doing so, utilization rates were 74. 07% for clerks, 81. 83% for the main three nurses, 83.

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42% for technicians, 75. 83% for radiologist, 57. 25% for the extra nurse, 110. 43% for the surgeon, 92. 24% for the senior resident, and 90. 04% for the cast technician (Appendix A).Appendix A Similarly, to calculate the utilization rate for individual divisions, the number of total hours spent in the division was divided by the number of total available hours for that division.

The corresponding utilization rates for the divisions were 67. 43% for reception/front desk, 69. 83% for radiology, 28. 63% for x-ray hand off, and 97. 57% for examination room (Appendix B). Appendix B Bottleneck & Capacity Constraints When looking to the bottleneck in the process, things to be considered where wait times and utilization rates.

Losing this logic, we determined hat there may be bottlenecks in the radiology department and the examination room. In the radiology department, the patient wait time is almost double that of the other wait time. In the examination room, it was observed that the staff are over utilized or close to being utilized; the surgeon’s utilization is over 1 10%. The bottleneck has been determined to be the examination room, where the surgeon in particular has been working over capacity at over 1 10%. The examination room is also the capacity constraint because it limits the throughout. Improvements to Consider Change of Hours of OperationOne of the biggest complaints by parents is that they are losing money by foregoing work to take their children to the hospital.

By changing the hours of operation to later in the day where the average parent is finished with work, it would help eliminate the economic cost of coming to the doctor. It may also help improve waiting times since the hospital may not be as busy later in the day. Upgrade Equipment Although there is a high upfront cost to additional equipment, it should still be considered because of the improvement it will have in patient satisfaction and reducing lead times.The clinic must weigh he value of improved satisfaction with the economic costs of purchasing the additional equipment. Recommendations Patients who live far away should be allowed to get x-rays done somewhere closer to them to reduce the amount of time they have to wait when they do get to the clinic. Similarly, once the initial diagnosis and tests are conducted, the clinic should recommend other clinics or physicians to conduct follow-up appointments.

This would reduce the number of patients the surgeon would see and thus he/she will not be over utilized.

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