Packaging the final look of the package

Packaging Of OnePlus-OnePlus is giving the chance to the people to vote on the final look of the package through a poll on “Weibo”.Mark Bloom, approached to design the packaging for OnePlus2, Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus new “flagship killer” smartphone, one thing became quickly apparent: the 2 in OnePlus 2. To trump this modern product range from OnePlus , Bloom designed a custom 2 symbol for the packaging of the phone, from the box to the screen protector. The symbol, emblazoned on the front of the box, catches the eyes of customers and finds a crisp color palette of bright red and white, a striking background for the black smartphone inside.

Now, Weibo user has uploaded the photos of OnePlus 6T packaging. The photos show the lid of a box, complete with OnePlus 6T branding and a tagline of “Unlock the speed”.The list of names appears on the underside of the lid. In fact, Google multiple names together with ” OnePlus ” suggests that these are user names on the official OnePlus forum.

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The OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 5 T have no phone design on the bottom of their lids, which makes us doubt the authenticity of the packaging in the pictures. In addition, this alleged OnePlus 6 T lid appears to display a mottled white color scheme, whereas almost all OnePlus phones have a pure white lid since OnePlus 3. The mottled colors may be a light trick or a compression object, but it certainly looks peculiar..


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