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Packaging has four distinct marketing functions according to book “essentials of marketing ” by Charles w.

lamb and colleagues .It protects our product from distribution , sale etc. It also promotes our product. It helps consumers to identify your product and how to use that product: for example, by allowing them to resell it between uses.

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Finally, it reduces environmental damagesHowever the client wants the shoot managed, once the strategy has been developed, the logistical issues will need to be addressed. And this is often where the biggest challenges lie. Props must be found, procured and moved to the shoot.

Locations must be chosen and checked for their suitability. A target shooting date has to be set and agreed upon. If models are being used, they too need to be selected, booked and their accommodation arranged. In fact, the presence of models on an advertising shoot requires a separate range of skills. While the product itself can be lit in different ways to produce the right effect, models have to be coaxed and relaxed to portray the look that will attract attention and help the ad stand out. René De Carufel, a Montreal-based Black Star photographer with more than three decades of experience, says that models create the most consistent challenge on these kinds of shoots: Every shoot is somewhat a challenge — at least it should be — some bigger than others. But since I mainly deal with people, it is mostly to create a connection and gain their trust.

To achieve that, I think you simply have to show respect, kindness and humor and hopefully make them feel comfortable. The photographer has to put the different elements of the shoot in place, from arranging the scene to bringing in the people and the items, as well as all the equipment. On the shoot itself, he has to look for the best compositions within the guidelines provided, take direction from an art director if one is present, and often work with the model to get the right look to match the product. And he might have to do post-production work as well, before delivering the final images to For marketing directors, there’s no substitute for hiring a professional photographer with substantial experience in advertising photography.

Poor images can make a product disappear into a background of similar shots and identical advertisements, while an outstanding photograph will attract attention and stay in the viewer’s mind. It can mean the difference between success and failure. At Black Star, we only assign photographers who have proved to us that they can organize shoots of the scale and visibility the client requires. Their portfolios must indicate that they can work with direction, contribute their own creativity and produce the images the client wants.

We source our photographers from around the world, so we always have a choice of the very best photographers available anywhere and we can have them on location wherever the shoot may be. At a time when the public can skip past commercials by pushing a button on their TiVo, when Internet users are barraged by ads they barely even notice, and when magazine and newspaper sales continue to decline, it takes a very special image to stand out and force its way into the consciousness of consumers. It takes a photograph that does more than portray a product or even a message — it takes a photograph that’s creative, memorable and unmissable. PHOTOGRAPHY-CLASSIFICATIONS: There is no separate classification for Advertising photography, basically it is the classification of photography that is used in advertising. Say if any product is shot and used in advertising campaign that can be classified as Product Photography for advertising. So it is always Photography for advertising may be a Product, Architectural, Food, Fashion, People, Protraits, these are basic classification of Photography. If we go into detail we first talk about Product Photography in advertising. So whenever we are using or showing a Product in photography there comes Table Top Photography which is usually done in a Studio.

Just like we are shooting Photograph of a Soap, Mineral water bottle or anything that is small and can be shown in Advertising campaign as a product, some of the very common examples where Product Photography is used are Cosmetic Products, Edible Productsor Mobile Phones and FMCG Products. Another Important kind of Photography is Fashion Photography which majorly is used to promote Apparel Brands, Clothing and Jewellery Brands, wherein a model is used and a Product is used to showcase their product in a very Glamorous form. When communicating serious message through photography for example, Public Service Advertisement as such we really need to maintain the feel in such a way that the person who is looking at that ad gets emotional about it and that is where the lighting and toning of the ad plays a very important role.

Because if a person doesn’t get emotional by looking at that ad, that ad hasnot served its objective and hence has failed so while doing photography for public service ads we need to keep in mind the feel the emotion that ad is trying to communicate because if that feel goes wrong, the communication can entirely go wrong and it can on the other hand it can become lively and communicating if feel goes right. IMPORTANCE OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN ADVERTISING As Berenice Abbott once said, “Photography helps people to see.” It’s important to remember photography is an art form, one that serves businesses and people alike as a great source for marketing. One chance at a first impression First impressions are crucial. Great photographs are a sure fire way to show your best, while rushed images can show a company at its worst. With a beautifully rendered photograph, you can captivate your audience, portray your message, and generate trust. With a ho-hum image, in today’s lightning-fast technology driven world, it’s easy for people to click away – and just like that, you’ve lost your market & your advertising has failed.

Pictures help define your brand If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about what you want to say. Imagery should be clear and concise. The picture should inspire your audience to want to know more.HOW DO I USE PHOTOGRAPHY IN ADVERTISING AND MARKETING THEN? Good use of photography can tie a whole advertising concept together. Now stock photography has a place in advertising and marketing, but it can also portray a lack of originality of the product or service. Poor use of photographs and pictures can weaken or destroy a campaign because it does not have real impact. Photography can bring that Impact.

Just remember, we are bombarded by marketing messages. In the 1970s we were exposed to about 500 ads a day back, whilst today it can be as many as 5,000 a day today.” Because of this incessant bombardment, consumers are only able to give their attention to brochures and advertising materials for a few seconds before discarding it and moving on to the next piece. After that, be it in print or online – it goes in the rubbish bin. It is here that great photographs can make a real difference and extend those precious seconds to “a good read”. A good professional photographer will produce high quality images that will be unique to your business. They will be unique because only you will have them. But more importantly, they will be photographs of you and your business.

Done well, they will help your products and services stand out from your competitors. They can be tailored to fit with your brand, which will help target the right customers. Getting your message across effectively Rather than hiring a jobbing “professional photographer”, it is always more effective to deal with a photographer who has some experience with advertising photography. The product has to stand out, not disappear into a background. It needs to stand apart from other adverts in the field.

A good photograph will grab a viewer’s attention and make an impact on their through processes. Getting a message embedded in a photograph takes someone with a real eye for the product and its opportunities. When planning your marketing and advertising campaigns, you should always allow an element in your marketing budget to cover photography. Paying for a professional photographer makes good business sense. If you hire a photographer to do a photo shoot for you, you will have original images to use


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