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The united states are one of the nations that represent a gender-egalitarian society today. That indicates no one surprised today if a woman becomes a lawyer, a doctor or an engineer before that they were thinking these filed just for men. According to Paula England in woman employment statics graph that shows “women are 70% of them employed comparing it with the 1990s they were just around 40% of them employed” (The Stall in Gender Equality video). This is mean it is a huge change in gender revolution. It gives woman power to encourage them to continue education and be the more independent person for better jobs and a higher salary than before. These changes have stalled out since the 1990s.
The gender revolution opened for the woman many opportunities and roles to be as any man in society. Also, she can reach out any position in the government today such as president position which shows a vast achievement for all women and society. As we progress toward more significant correspondence of the genders, you would believe that the old generalization had the different idea than what they have now. The gender revolution affected women differently by their social class. This is halfway on the grounds that what they can procure will scarcely take care of their kid’s care costs. The accomplished woman can acquire more, and land an additionally fascinating position, so her motivating forces for work are more prominent. Gender equalities mean that giving same rights for man and women in every filed in this life to achieve what they want to be successful in their lives. In my opinion, In the United States being a gender-egalitarian society that makes us one of the most powerful society in the world and having similar rights for both sexes gives us many chances to be a successful society.

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