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0px}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}The Deep Sea has not been vastly ventured, yet it is vital to many countries due to its abundance of natural resources. It is also critical to many different types of researches.

Exploration and mining of the Deep Sea could harm the careful balance of the ecosystem in the sea and in turn change and alter the nature which we all observe. The South China Sea territorial disputes are also creating increasing tensions. However, it has not reached the point where efforts to strengthen cooperative security would seem futile.

Switzerland understands the importance of these issues to many countries and feels that the situation should be dealt with careful consideration and discussion. As a general baseline, Switzerland supports Deep Sea Exploration and Mining. As time progresses and technology improves, it has become easier to access the Deep Sea and its resources. Naturally, Switzerland is attracted to any natural resources that are available in the Deep Sea and there would be a lost in our economy if Switzerland chooses not to participate. Switzerland has also long been involved with the research of the international deep sea. In 1960, a Swiss along with an American Oceanographer Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh managed to build a submarine, Trieste, which brought them to the deepest area of the ocean, named the Challenger Deep, which is point in the Mariana Trench.

The voyage took a total of 5 hours. Up to date, there has been no territorial dispute between Switzerland and other countries regarding the sea.   In review of issues pertaining to Deep Sea Exploration and Mining, Switzerland proposes that knowledge of the Deep Sea to be shared among the countries. This is so that the UN can work together and regulations can be implemented  in order to control activities that are taking part in the sea as to minimise the detrimental effects that may be done to the environment as it believes that the sustainable protection of our world’s oceans ecosystem will play a positive role on the climate as well as the preservation of maritime resources. Switzerland is not a maritime power, moreover it is an economic and a mediation power.

As Switzerland has a strong interest in regional stability and safe shipping routes in the Asia Pacific, they are ready to act as an intermediary and facilitate a discussion to a fair agreement between the countries involved on the issue of territorial claims if their assistance should be requested.


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